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"Conforming" refers to the degree to which a mattress does or doesn't conform to the contours of your body.  When a mattress conforms properly to your body, it can enhance both the comfort and the support of the mattress.

Mattress owners that praise the conforming qualities of their mattress tend to like the feel of the mattress molding to or cradling their body.  In addition, the conforming properties of the mattress have the potential to reduce pressure points on your body, which can otherwise create disturbances in your sleep.  By contrast, when a complaint arises on this subject, it is typically because the mattress did not conform sufficiently to the sleeper's body.

In addition to improved comfort, a conforming mattress can also provide improved support.  By allowing the 'curves' of your body (such as the hips and shoulders) to sink more deeply into the mattress, a mattress can offer better spinal alignment, which is the key to proper support.

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