NO Heaven Way too soft TOO HOT

Purchased at the Brick. Highly suggested from sales. rep. for me for my fibromyalgia. I went away from the coil mattress thinking there may be breakdown with coils lifting up through the foam. She geared me to all foam. Told me it will conform and give me much more pain relief. I find it very difficult to get out of bed d/t being too soft. My body sinks too much into the mattress causing more pain. The temperature of the foam is quite hot at night..there is not enough flow of air. We had a gel mattress prior and sent it back it just made a hole of your body imprint high in the middle and body imprint on other side. Now the Brick states: they will not replace another mattress d/t already having an replaced and now we have to go the Foster & Stern. Why should a customer have to do that.. Is that customer service? I have left 5 voice mail messages to the manager at the brick with no return OR he is busy with a customer. Now what do I have to do start a big war to receive customer satisfaction. DO NOT PURCHASE STERNS & FOSTER !

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Back Support

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Poor Back Support

Pressure Relief

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Poor Pressure Relief

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Not Rated

Stays "Cool"

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Fair "Coolness"


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Not Rated

Warranty Service

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Not Rated

Softness Level

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Much too soft