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GoodBed Evaluations

We’ve performed over 100 in-depth reviews and product line overviews, covering the most popular online and store brands.

Here at GoodBed, we work very hard to bring you the most thorough, knowledgeable, and objective mattress reviews available. Our proprietary review methodology breaks down each mattress into its distinct fundamental characteristics – which we call Mattress DNA™ – so that you can determine how well these characteristics match your personal requirements for Fit, Feel, and Features. For this reason, we strongly recommend watching our review of any given mattress before making your choice so that you can buy with confidence and eliminate any post-purchase surprises or disappointments.

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Why Do Consumers Trust GoodBed's Reviews?

The best way to see what a truly objective and expert mattress review looks like is to watch one of GoodBed's video reviews for yourself. But for those who prefer to rely on the wisdom of other savvy shoppers, here's a small sample of the unsolicited testimonials we have gratefully and humbly received from our readers and viewers.

It feels like I've been watching YouTube mattress reviews for eight years over the past week, and I have to say I've seen literally every YouTuber and blogger on this topic. Good Bed has the BEST reviews of any of them (I really LOVE the organized links to the different topics). Thank you, Good Bed! It's due to your videos I managed to narrow my selection down and pull the trigger.

Jacqueline W

Great Vid! People, if like me you've done a lot of research with the thousands of videos available when you're done stop here. This is in-depth to the nth degree and may answer questions you had that other videos couldn't. Thank you!


Hello Good Bed! I wanted to thank you for the help your website provided me in identifying the best mattress... I did not find good info until I found your website, which was mentioned in a recent article in the local newspaper. I completed your survey of my sleeping preferences and got several great recommendations, and ultimately settled on a [brand name redacted], which I LOVE... Thanks again for creating your valuable website and consumer info. This industry really needed you!

Don B (sent by email)

I love you sooo much. Thank you for your amazing videos....I have been so confused I even called your offices in San Francisco..and to my surprise one of your associates returned my call...oh my, he was sooo sweet and helped me so and your business is amazing.....thank you

Tisha Z

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PSA: How Can You Spot a Fake Mattress Review Website?

Today's mattress review landscape is a true Wild West of corruption and scammers. There are now over 100 websites claiming to provide unbiased mattress reviews. Incredibly, at least 20 of these are directly owned or backed by one of the mattress brands on which they are supposedly providing unbiased reviews. And almost all of the rest are run by sleazy salespeople whose goal is to sell you the mattresses that make them the most money by deceptively disguising themselves as an unbiased reviewer. Unfortunately, these sites specialize in looking very professional and showing up highly in Google search results, so you'll likely visit at least one (if not many) without even realizing it

The good news is that is one very easy red flag for spotting a fake mattress review site – simply check their site for lists of the 'best mattresses,' which typically can be found in the header or home page. Why? Any real mattress expert would surely know that unlike most products, mattresses are highly personal – meaning the best mattresses for one person will be completely different than the best mattresses for the next person. Fake mattress review sites prey on the fact that most consumers don’t know this, and use deceptive 'best mattress' lists to dupe unsuspecting consumers into buying the mattresses that make them the most money. For more tips on steering clear of bad advice, see our list of mattress review sites backed by mattress companies and our guide to spotting corrupt mattress review sites.


GoodBed's Expert Mattress Reviews

Below is a list of products for which we've performed either in-depth reviews or product line overviews. You can also search our YouTube channel, which contains a more extensive list of video reviews, as well as more helpful information on how to find and buy the right mattress for you. For our reviews of discontinued products, click here.

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