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GoodBed Review Testimonials
Why Do Consumers Prefer GoodBed's Expert Reviews?

See why savvy consumers are so adamant that GoodBed's reviews are the most expert and objective product assessments available.

At GoodBed, we know that when buying a mattress, making the best possible choice requires having the best possible information. This is why we work so hard to bring you the most thorough, informative, and objective expert mattress reviews available.

But you don't need to take our word for it — below are unsolicited and unbiased testimonials from real consumers who discovered GoodBed's reviews in the course of their search for the best mattress information. We hope they're as helpful for you as they are gratifying and humbling for us.

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Testimonials for GoodBed's Expert Reviews

When possible we have included a direct link to the original comment, which can be viewed by clicking the author's name.

It feels like I've been watching YouTube mattress reviews for eight years over the past week, and I have to say I've seen literally every YouTuber and blogger on this topic. Good Bed has the BEST reviews of any of them (I really LOVE the organized links to the different topics). Thank you, Good Bed! It's due to your videos I managed to narrow my selection down and pull the trigger.

Jacqueline W

Great Vid! People, if like me you've done a lot of research with the thousands of videos available when you're done stop here. This is in-depth to the nth degree and may answer questions you had that other videos couldn't. Thank you!


I love you sooo much. Thank you for your amazing videos....I have been so confused I even called your offices in San Francisco..and to my surprise one of your associates returned my call...oh my, he was sooo sweet and helped me so and your business is amazing.....thank you

Tisha Z

Hello Good Bed! I wanted to thank you for the help your website provided me in identifying the best mattress... I started doing some online research but I did not find good info until I found your website, which was mentioned in a recent article in the local newspaper. I completed your survey of my sleeping preferences and got several great recommendations, and ultimately settled on a [brand name redacted], which I LOVE. Fairly priced, very comfortable, no odors, and great customer service (and their return policy is excellent if you need it). I was really frustrated before and really did not know what to do or where to look, but your website provided a lot of great info (and your website provided a great honest, thorough and unbiased video review of the [brand name redacted]). Thanks again for creating your valuable website and consumer info. This industry really needed you!

Don B (sent by email)

By far, this is the best review I have ever seen. Thank you for not only your thoroughness but also your professionalism. A job VERY well done. Thank you sir.

Vincent C

Hi! I really enjoy your reviews, they have helped so much in my search for the perfect mattress! Your quiz also helped in my search! Having allergies and asthma, I had to sift through so many mattress reviews, yours are the best!... You armed me with all the helpful facts and information to know what to look for, and what might work best for me thanks to your great videos and Quiz... Warmest thanks for all of your help! :)

Brian O

Whether I buy this mattress or not I want to say that I don't think I have ever heard anyone present a product in a more organized, logical, thorough or thoughtful way. The gentleman speaking here is an excellent speaker and teacher and I have listened to many more speakers in my life than most people have as well as having ongoing training as one. I now know more about latex mattresses and this one in particular than I ever realized there was to know. I'm no dummy when it comes to sales tactics either as my husband could sell a refrigerator to an eskimo or wings to a bird, as they say. Therefore my "spider sense" tingles as soon as I hear any of the classic and many of the non-classic sales techniques being used and I am put off by them. I was not put off by this presentation at all. I want to thank you for that.


Thank you for a very informative review on all your mattresses, i actually used your quiz on the website to find this mattress. Very helpful! Thank you! Keep up the great work. Definitely recommenced for anyone who isn't sure what kind of mattress to get.


Thank you so much for such a lengthy and complete review of this mattress. I've been struggling for months with this as they're are tons of mattress reviews out there and they all have different opinions as to which mattress is the best or not. With that, they all cancel each others findings out because of this. The more reviews I read, the more confused I've become. But you made it easier because you were able to include much more information and the reasons why you felt this way or that about the mattress. In this era of quick 15 second soundbites everyone wants all the information, but they don't want to take the time to listen to it or read it! So we can't have both, not if we want an extensive run down on the products we seek to buy. So thanks muchly!

Data T

Thank you for this video. I also love your explanations on the different lines. I purchased a [brand name redacted] because of your video... I also love your site with the quiz that makes shopping for a mattress so much easier as never realized the position in which you sleep has a lot of bearing on what type of mattress I should look for. I highly recommend that everyone take your quiz. Thank you so much.

Josephine T

This might be the best review I've ever seen. Period. Thank you!

Erin B

Just wanted to say thanks for your efforts. Your website and reviews have been spot on accurate. After taking your website sleep test it recommended the [brand name redacted]. We purchased the [brand name redacted] around 2 months ago. The first night I was sold...after years of waking up and tossing and turning I have slept soundly and have much less shoulder and back pain... I really look forward to bed time now. LOL. Thank you for your review you were a big factor in our purchase. Best of fortune to you.

Darren L

Out of all the people that do mattress reviews, you give the most thorough reviews. Thank you. New subbie.

Laura S

This collection of information is by-far the best I have found anywhere for understanding this hyper-complex product line. Be sure to open the links in the "Show More" section. Much better than the manufacturer's site. Organized, chapter-linked for convenience, and thoroughly practical. No FUD... I wish this gentleman would start reviewing automobiles.

Andy W

WHY doesn’t this channel have more views and subscribers!? You do such a great job of explaining this stuff in detail and in a way that doesn’t feel sales pitch-ey. It’s really a breath of fresh air.


I have to say this is one of the best product reviews I've ever seen on youtube. I will definitely be going to for more info. Thank you.

Chris S

Best reviewer on the internet. Learned so much!


The very best presentation I could ever have on adjustable bed bases. I would have already purchased one if only someone could have explained and illustrated it as well as you have. I thank you very much for including the mattress info and the info on putting the base inside of another bed frame. I am going to [brand name redacted] and order this.

Carole L

Thank you so much for your comprehensive review. I wish I had seen it a month ago. After much research and trying out tons of mattresses in retail stores, I bought one, but I am not happy with it at all... I also watched some of your other video reviews. All excellent as well. Your videos are very well organized, informative and unbiased, which I appreciate. You must have a PhD in mattresses! :) Again, thanks so much!

Cheri B

In general, this is one of the most useful and well-explained brand lineup overview videos I have ever watched. You, sir, are excellent at this. Thanks so much for putting together such an informative and detailed overview, much appreciated!


Mike, thanks for the great and detailed review. It's what drove our decision to purchase the [brand name redacted] mattress with confidence. It came in last week and so far we're extremely satisfied.


Hi Mike...thanks for the overall explanation of the hybrid line and their differences, very informative... Your videos really helped me narrow down which mattresses I wanted to try out in-store and saved me from what could have been a days long, multi-store, decision making process. Keep up the good work!

Jack O

I have been watching mattress reviews for two weeks now. Yours by far is the most thorough. I was already leaning towards the [brand name redacted] mattress and now I am completely confident that it is the one that I want... You did an amazing review. Thank you!

Joe F

This reviewer guy is the man, he really breaks it down. What a cush job tho, Gets outta bed to go to work... to get back into beds!

Scott C

I find your bed reviews more informative and unbiased than other mattress reviewers. Thanks for the great review.


You're an amazing presenter. You're one of those people who's just naturally interesting. There are people who talk about exciting topics who will bore you to tears, because they don't have "it." You're talking about mattresses and I was engaged the whole time. You could branch out to other areas of media and do really well I bet. You're just a natural. Well well done.

Artistry A

GoodBed Thanks! I appreciate your insight on these mattresses. Using what I learned from this video I was able to ask intelligent questions and look at the construction and build of the "named" mattress's to come up with a viable comparison.


Your videos are excellent. I went through a whole bunch of different ones but yours are the best, most informative, and most detail-oriented. They helped me a great deal. Thank you very much for those.

Robert H (sent by email)

Thanks again for another great review!... I can't think of another mattress review site that I've seen that comes close to or over 30 minutes in length that can keep me watching and engaged. It's so difficult finding good reviews because so many people just post reviews to get their kickbacks. While they may give informative reviews the bottom line is " click the link so I can get a referral".. again, you touch on topics and dig deeper than other reviewers and it's much appreciated


Just wanted to say thank you for the very informative videos. My wife and I are looking to purchase a new mattress and your videos and website have been great. This is the only place I could find a detailed explanation about the differences between the Beautyrest options. Beautyrest needs to use your videos on their website!


Thank you once again & the best website among all the ones I have seen online for mattress reviews. Good job!!

Henry F (sent by email)

Very helpful, thank you. There are so many brands, and conflicting reports from the companies of why each is the best it is confusing. Going through each of your reviews is perfect, since most people aren't in the position to compare all of these side by side. Usually when you go to a store selling mattresses, they don't have the more unusual ones...for comparison or the store only has will only carry a couple of brands for comparison. Your reviews are a wonderful tool to make a decision.


Great review. I would only buy a mattress after watching Good Bed reviews.

Scott B

GoodBed thanks again really appreciate the insight ! I'll recommend any one looking for a mattress to review your site first!

Adrian A

You do a fantastic job of discussing the many considerations and details that help us choose the most likely good fit for individual body types and preferences. Thank you!!!

Reality C

just to tell you that you have helped a prospective customer from other parts of the world. Even the official distributor from Tempur in my country doesn’t make a video as good as you did. Thank you very much, your videos really help me to understand and make it easier for me to make a decision.

Samuel P

From one reviewer to another, I commend you on a job well done!

Freakin' R

your reviews are good as hell dude


Good Bed is the only YouTube channel which provides unbiased review and also explains the features understandable for a layman. Keep up the good work!!

Girish N

Thanks for all your videos! You have the most informative reviews I've seen yet. It helps tremendously!


I love this guys honest delivery with no b.s....He's an excellent salesman with the truth. Could never sell used cars though. He would be like "yeah, this should run great a few thousand miles and then....." Lol. Awesome presentation.

Bignose P

Hey, Mike (and GoodBed). I REALLY appreciate your mattress reviews. They're SO in-depth & thorough! And I PARTICULARLY appreciate that you review ALL the mattresses: Not just the Internet brands (the Caspers, the Purples, the Leesas, etc), but also the big-name, mainstream brands (the Sertas, the Sealys, the Beautyrests, etc).

Eric H

Thank you for the Gift Card! Shopping with the help of the nice guy on YouTube at GoodBed & the quiz really helped !

Diana O (sent by email)

Dear Goodbed staff... I want to express my appreciation of GoodBed for providing the consumer with important information about beds and mattresses. I have read some reviews and watched some of the YouTube video. You provide information that cannot be found anywhere else.

Charles S (sent by email)

Hi there! I absolutely love your website and have been utilizing the site and the YouTube links quite a bit this past week as I am mattress investigating... Thank you!

Amanda B (sent by email)

You have very good, in depth reviews. Thank you for also showing what's inside the mattress. Can't believe this video doesn't have more likes🤔


I've watched a dozen or so [brand name redacted] reviews on YouTube and yours is absolutely the most concise and informative. Took your online quiz and it also recommended the [brand name redacted] for my needs. Helped me confirm my decision. Thanks!

Nancy W

Thank You so much for this review! Based on this we purchased the [brand name redacted] King bed... We could not be happier! High quality mattresses and adjustable frame. I hurt my back two months ago and this is the first morning I have not work up in pain! Again, thanks so much for doing these reviews, you have impacted our lives in a positive way and I am sure many others!

Keith M

amazing review, I don't typically pay people on Patreon, but I would definitely pay you $5 for this stellar review!

Benjamin P

I love the video reviews on youtube...There are so many useless resources online but I could tell from your videos you take this stuff personally. I'm a commercial mortgage broker in NYC and I spot sincerity and the enthusiasm for what you do. I wish you all the best... Your resources online, the videos and the quality could position you as a gateway for people looking for...objective...analysis and advice. You're knowledge and this amazing customer service culture will also serve you well. I am rooting for you!

Steven G (sent by email)

Never thought there was so much about mattresses. I had to google and find out who this person was, the explanation and presentation was top notch! Thank you Michael!

Siva S

It’s really to the point where I like the video before I even watch it. I already know the video is going to be informative and great all around quality. Thanks for the video.

Qteezy6501, wow thank goodness for a very fair, unbaised and thorough review of mattresses! I just never knew of all the science, analysis that could be possible.

Starry N (sent by email)

I love your youtube videos and information on the website, keep up the good work!

Maria L (sent by email)

This guy is amazing. He is so meticulous and comes off as a trustworthy guy.

Ben Y

Mike, you are a special person. You made my day with clarity and understanding :O


The Best. Clear Cut. Learned a lot as a foundation of understanding to start my bed search!

Frank P

Love the TL;DR summaries at the end. Very well-made videos that are incredibly helpful. Thank you!


Absolutely phenomenal in depth review. Every question I had was answered and then broken down in a way I could really appreciate! New Sub!

Jermoni J

By far, the best review I’ve seen. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this.


Outstanding review. Thank you so much for the great job! Your reviews are so thorough and professional. Much appreciated!

Chris K

Another great review! Thanks for the no-nonsense informative videos. Super helpful

Elyssa D

You are the zen bed-meister - that answered just about every question I had about the bed

Ed A

No one does a very good detailed review than your videos. You helped me get the [brand name redacted]. Have a good sleep. Keep up the great reviews.


GoodBed Awesome, thank you for the help. Really love this channel you are a great resource

John K

Simply outstanding!! Very comprehensive, in-depth, review of this mattress, which I just bought. You are the first one to explain/describe the linear/nonlinear aspect of the 2.5/1.5 inch top layer providing 4 inches of Purple's hyper-elastic gel. Your closing analysis of the price differences between the original through to the Purple .4 was something I could completely relate to. Thank you for the effort you put into creating this informative video. Very, very much appreciated!!

Rick F

Watched tons of your videos. Just bought this base...! Also snagged the [brand name redacted] because of your reviews. I'm feeling confident about all my online purchases... when I couldn't try anything out on my own, because you explained and answered all my questions.

Ashley M

The best review ever Mike!

Joshua W

Thank you for a very helpful review. I have read so many reviews and watched a multitude of videos but you by far do an absolute thorough review here on and your site... thank you again.


Love your videos!! We just purchased a New home. We are having the [xxxxxx] delivered!! I binged watch all your videos..... Brought my husband up to speed on all my new mattress knowledge and we pulled the trigger! We are so excited!! Keep making great videos!!!!

Puzzle B (sent by email)

Well done Sir! All of the information I needed to make my choice. Just ordered the mattress... Thanks GoodBed and again, well done.

Will W (sent by email)

GoodBed thank you so very much... You rock and I'm so gratefull you saved me from a very expensive mistake!!!😎😎😎

Leslie P (sent by email)

Excellent review, helps to cut through the sales hype

Tracy G

Very informative. This clears up the very confusing information that I got at a mattress store. After a few more videos I'll be ready to replace my 4 beds that Hurricane Harvey destroyed. Thank you so much for this very good information!!

Diana B

Thanks for a very informative presentation. I have been researching adjustable frames ad nauseum, and this is the best video presentation I have found. Your explanation of the features of this product are excellent, clearly articulated and helpful.

Patricia C

Thank you! We are shopping for a new mattress and your videos are proving to help us make an informed selection so we can get what works for us and understand what options to invest in. Thanks!!!

Angie D

thank you so much for making all these reviews. It really helped me to decide which mattress to go with!

Heather L

Best review I've seen yet. Thorough, informative, and well spoken. Thumbs up!

Drvale R

This guy does the best reviews.

Luna W (sent by email)

GoodBed GREAT NEWS FOR ME! Thanks dude. I love your unbiased reviews! You do a really good job on all your reviews. Cudos to you! Happy sleeping!

Tennessee H

Great job doing the review. I've had reconstructive spine surgery and your attention to detail really counts! Thanks.

Tom M (sent by email)

I got my [brand name redacted] yesterday. Yay!... Thanks so much, GoodBed for your very helpful reviews. There are a lot of mattresses out there, so you really helped me to even identify the best options and learn.


Hey man, great reviews, probably the best reviews!

Mr C (sent by email)

Excellent video and so helpful! Got totally confused in the mattress store the other I have a better sense of what I saw.

Marilyn B (sent by email)

Thanks again for all the very helpful informational videos and website!!! We truly appreciate it!

Korinna (sent by email)

Out of all the various YouTube mattress reviews I think yours is the best with informative and straightforward opinions. Keep up the excellent work.

Betty S

This is the best bed review I’ve seen yet on YouTube. Thank you 🙏


Thanks for all the great reviews on YouTube. Very helpful and expertly presented.

Krishna S (sent by email)

Hi GoodBed, Thank you for your excellent website & all these very informative videos!

Darlene K (sent by email)

Yours is a model for reviewers everywhere. Great job. Subscribed.

Kayak63 R

Thanks so much for all of your information! You have made navigating the sea of mattress purchasing less daunting... Thanks so much for all your education!


This is how you do a review well done sir well done!

Lu C

Hey! I just wanted to say thank you for this video. It's very well organized, and covers a great range of info! I also appreciate the times points listed in the comments.


Great reviews! Most detailed reviews on youtube.

Peptoman2222 (sent by email)

Your site is one of the few that doesn't appear to be a marketing front for a mattress company.

Bryan B (sent by email)

Love your reviews! Very valuable for navigating all the choices available today. Appreciate all of your time and effort. Thumbs up! Thank you.

Samir M

I LOVE your videos keep it up. I'm still don't know how you don't have at least 50 to 70K subscribers. Definitely one of the best on YouTube


Very in depth review. And passionate about what you do. Keep it up!

Dey K

My wife and I watched it and led us to our decision of a...bed for our daughter... It's nice to know there are people in the field like yourself who know what they are talking about. Thank you!


Thanks so much for your great information. I am now ready to purchase an adjustable base and mattress because of your information!


Thanks for this! My wife and I ordered two Twin XL [brand name redacted] mattresses for a split king adjustable bed. Your review was a huge factor in our decision.


Great job explaining the differences and making it easy to understand.

Stephanie S

GoodBed Dear Mike, your response is most helpful. I thank you profusely for this information and for investing your time to respond to me. This response is alike your mattress Reviews—very robust, knowledge-rich and educational. All good things to you and Goodbed.

Olhos V

Thank you soooo much for this detailed and thoughtful review! It really has been seriously helpful for me. This back sleeper is definitely going for the [brand name redacted] mattress.


You're reviews are top notch, 10-0! Thank you for your content.


Best mattress reviews ever. Keep up the great work Mike!

Chris K

Hi Mike...The fact that you respond to everyone is impressive. That's how you do good business. Keep up the good work and excellent reviews. Thank you

Arno A

For some reason I feel the GoodBed reviews are a step up from the other reviews.

Lori A

i almost never leave comments but this was an excellent review!! thanks so much!


Thank you so much for your videos! I have been watching them for two days! After your video and consumer reports I chose the [brand name redacted]. They deliver tomorrow!😀

Lillian A

This is a great video. Thank you. I was shopping these in a store today and I was hoping someone had a deep dive like this.

Anthony P

Next level reviews.

Brendan C

A very helpful and detailed review, also very well filmed, edited, and produced. Well done. I only wanted to know about this one product, but I'm Subscribing to get your stats up.


Love good bed videos and comments. They have all been very helpful. Thank you.

Mike D (sent by email)

your website is awesome and I already learned alot from it... since you been a huge help, do you take donations in regards to running your website?

John H (sent by email)

GoodBed Awesome. I've searched everywhere and...your detailed reviews help pick the correct mattress and I cannot wait to get my bed this Saturday. Really helped a lot. Much appreciated. Stay safe and have a good day and night sleep. Kuddos.


Such a thorough, competent, well-thought out and well explained review. 5 stars my friend. Excellent work!


Informative video! Should have researched earlier...Thanks!

Faith D

Thank you for the detailed analysis, presented in a way that I can understand.

John K

Great and insanely informative video!

Alex M

Best mattress review I’ve seen. Nice job.


Hey I love listening to you you have a great channel

Cory P

I wanted to thank you guys at GoodBed. I have been using your review videos on youtube to become a much informed sales associate and have helped many people finally get the proper sleep they deserve. Your videos on the Tempur-Sealy products are very informative and in my honest opinion, have been the best training tools I have ever used. I have sold people ProAdapt and Adapt mattresses that I haven't even tested out yet but knew how they would feel based on the research your channel provided. And the best part is that the customers were more than happy! Thank you.

Chase M (sent by email)

This is by far the best review. I wish I saw it before I bought [brand name redacted]. I wish I got the [brand name redacted]. Hopefully they let me return this one and get the [brand name redacted] to try.

Thang T

WOW ...So informative and you have a great voice !! You covered it all...Thank You !!!

Gail K

Thank you so much. I've got to go mattress shopping and...I know what to look for now.

Manda B

i love the way you describe everything in what seems like an honest way. Thank you for a great review

Coleen O

GoodBed thank you for your quick reply & video. Your website quiz is a great help, too

Debbie W

Outstanding explanation and demo of the product. Two thumbs up!


That was an awesome explanation. The best I've ever heard! Thank you very much!

David E

This so far is the best review on YouTube of the [brand name redacted] series.


Hey Mike, loving the videos! You're an excellent reviewer.

Nathan T

Excellent review. I'm very impressed with your thoroughness. Thank you!

Karl-Franz M

GoodBed you have been awesome, thank you very much for all your videos and taking the time to reply :)

Joseph L

I wish I had found this great review before I purchased!

Erika L (sent by email)

This is a great review. Answered many questions I had about this brand. Thank you!

Richard S

Excellently Informative Video !!! Awesome knowledge and explanation... great sequence and order !

John S

Thanks for this review. After watching all your bed reviews, we decided to go with the [brand name redacted]. Ordered it Sunday, and used your link and discount code. Hope that gave you a few dollars for your quality reviews.


He does the best reviews!

Cold D

That was perfect.

Doc J

Subbed. Well done video. Thorough and concise with no annoying music.


Thanks for the wonderful bed reviews!

Grace D

I feel you are probably one of the most knowledgeable mattress reviewers on the Internet.

David K (sent by email)

I love how unbiased your reviews are! Thank you for that! I must admit, I am a tempur-sealy person for sure. For many good reasons. But it is refreshing watching your videos. Simmons (Beautyrest and Serta) is good too though. Many people love their product, so it is good to see your views to better sell beds for each persons needs. Seriously, your wording is on point. Great job explaining the evenloft cover vs the covers on a traditional innerspring! It is on point and simplistic. Thank you!


Thank you for your analysis of these mattresses. It was very helpful in making a decision on what to buy for my son!

Francine H

Your Explanation of the [brand name redacted]'s 'firmness' highlights how irrelevant firmness is in mattresses... I love the great review!!


Great video! Your mattress videos always give such good info.


Very thorough review. This is what I like to see in a review. Thank you

Tammy L

Thank you for such an in-depth review. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Rochelle M

Great job! I just bought one of these but haven't tried it yet. I really appreciated your review.

Where I

Your an awesome reviewer.

The Y

Excellent video, very well done, I appreciate the thorough explanation.

Alan C

Super helpful review!

Elyssa D

Well done review! Showed me everything I needed to see and know.


You have done a thorough job explaining all the features of this mattress!! Thank you

Jill B

Good reviews. Very detailed. Keep it up. Thank you.


You video was very informational ,very helpful and very well done. Thank you.😊


So very thorough. Thank you for your thoughtful review .


Such a great mattress review.

Joyce M

Thank you for your professional, informative reviews.

Rave R

Thank you so much for such a great review !!!!

Samir M

Excellent in both presentation and content, thank you

Kelly F

Great explanation!


Great review and one of the first real reviews on the [brand name redacted] series. Nice job.


Excellent review...well done!


Great video. Answered all the right questions

Rmy S

I love your reviews... Thanks for your great work! Love watch your videos :-)


I'm your first response! BIG Thumbs up!!!

Steven S

I think you do awesome work and I really appreciated your review.

Hart E (sent by email)

Love your youtube reviews. Very informative.

Mark W (sent by email)

Excellent review! Very informative and helpful!

Austin W

Very good detailed review!

Monica B

I like being able to see inside and the explanation of the materials, thanks!

Tyler R

Thank you for your in-depth reviews on youtube they are very well done.

Dustin E (sent by email)

Enjoy the website and YouTube videos... Thanks.

Murry B (sent by email)

Great Youtube videos!

Kim M (sent by email)

Very thorough review! Well done and very helpful.


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