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Twin Size (Single) Mattresses
From Toddler to Teen and Beyond

Last updated on August 19, 2020

Twin size beds measure 39" wide by 75" long and provide an affordable and space-efficient choice for children, single adults, and guest rooms.

Twin is the smallest and least expensive size of the four traditional mattress sizes.  A twin-size bed, also known as a "single" bed, is the same length as a full-size bed, but is about 15 inches narrower — providing ample room for a single sleeper. A twin mattress typically costs 10-20% less than an equivalent full mattress.

Twin mattresses are typically used for children’s beds, day beds, bunk beds, and twin bed sets in guest rooms, but there’s more variety to the twin than many people realize. Most mattress brands and models come in twin sizes, although a twin size may be difficult to find for the most high-end luxury mattresses.

Twin Size (a.k.a. Single) Mattress Dimensions

Standard twin mattresses measure 39” wide by 75” long. They’re suitable for kids of all ages, and a child as young as 2 or 3 years old can start on a twin-sized bed immediately after a crib, although a guard rail for young children is advisable; if you go this route, the bed you choose for your toddler could last through the teenage years.

Here are a couple of variations you may find:

Twin extra long (XL) mattresses are often found in “long beds” in college dorm rooms. Extra long twin mattresses are the same width as the standard twin (39" wide) but are five inches longer (making them 80" long).  As such, you may have to buy new sheets for your college student.

Super single mattresses are also sometimes classified as “twin," although they are actually somewhere between a twin and a full.  Super single beds are 9 inches wider than a twin (48" wide) with the same length as a California king mattress (84" long). This size is mostly limited to hard-side waterbeds.  As compared to the "3/4 bed" size, another less common size that falls in between twin and full, a super single is the same width, but is 9 inches longer.

What Size is a Twin Bed in Canada?

A twin size bed in Canadian stores is the same size as a twin in the US, but you might see the measurements expressed in centimeters. So a twin-size mattress is 97 cm by 190 cm. A twin XL bed would measure 97 cm by 202 cm.

Single beds in the United Kingdom are slightly narrower, measuring 90 cm by 190 cm. Also available is an even narrower "small single," measuring 75 cm by 190 cm (about 30 inches wide).

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