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Mattress Shopper Bill of Rights

We believe that all mattress shoppers are endowed with certain unalienable rights…most importantly, we believe mattress shoppers have the right to:

  • Straight-forward information from trustworthy sources
  • Fair prices with no deceptive games, and
  • Quality products sold by companies that stand behind them

If you share our beliefs, you can help make the mattress industry better. All you need to do is use and spread the word. Here's how it works:


As a consumer, the best thing you can do is simply use GoodBed to find and buy your next mattress. And of course, remember to recommend GoodBed on Google and like GoodBed on Facebook

Before you buy, be sure to check our ratings so you know which brands you can trust.  Then check our price data to make sure you never overpay.  If you need help, use our Q&A service to get expert advice and personalized recommendations.  While you’re shopping, use our mobile app to compare the comfort and feel of your recommended mattresses.  Finally, after your purchase, be sure to come back to rate your mattress and the store where you bought it, so future mattress shoppers can benefit from your experience.

With each interaction on GoodBed, the force of “good” in the mattress industry gets stronger.  Using the rating system rewards companies that provide quality products and stand behind them.  Using the price checking service rewards companies that provide a fair price with no games.  Using the Q&A service rewards companies that provide the most useful information. As we gain strength in numbers, companies that embrace the opportunity to be "good" will grow and thrive, while others ultimately fade away.


As a mattress retailer or manufacturer, the best thing you can do is provide consumers on with straightforward information, fair prices and good service.  As customers engage with your content, see your prices, and review their experience with you, your rating and prominence on the site will improve organically – your success is directly tied to your actions. Get started by claiming your profile.

But if you really want to make it known that your business is consumer-friendly, help spread the word about GoodBed.  Tell your customers and vendors.  Show consumers our ratings to give them confidence in their purchase.  Finally, link to your GoodBed profile from your website, so people know you’re a force for “good” in the mattress industry.