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GoodBed Trusted Retailers
Choosing the Best Local Mattress Stores

Last updated on August 13, 2020

After over 10 years of helping mattress shoppers, we've learned that there actually are trustworthy local stores that are great places to buy a mattress. Unfortunately, the average consumer doesn't know which stores those are. To solve this problem, we created the GoodBed Trusted Retailer program.

The "Mom Test"

Mattress stores have earned a lousy reputation over the past 20-30 years – one that sadly, in many cases, was well-deserved. But the good news is that there are reputable, upstanding, and honest stores from which to buy a mattress – if you know where to look. We created our GoodBed Trusted Retailer program to identify and reward the 'good apples' in the bunch. These are the stores to which we'd feel 100% comfortable sending our moms – or for that matter, any of our family members or friends.

What do we look for in a Trusted Retailer?

  • Top-notch customer service
  • Great products and prices
  • Knowledgeable salespeople
  • No 'hard sell' sales pressure
  • Transparent and consumer-friendly policies

All of these factors can be evaluated through customer feedback from real consumers who have shopped at these stores. So in assessing retailers for this program, we start by looking at many thousands of reviews submitted both on GoodBed and on other trusted review platforms. However, we also believe that values like integrity and a commitment to serve the customer come from the top, so we consult with trusted colleagues across the mattress industry to seek out retailers whose leaders have a sterling reputation in their dealings with both their customers and their suppliers.

In the end, each GoodBed Trusted Retailer is hand-picked by us and invited to join this program. Once they have passed muster, we indicate this to our readers with a Trusted Retailer icon that you will find next to their stores, both in our Store Locator (where you can search by city or by zip code) and on their profile pages.


Earn Cash Back when shopping at Trusted Retailers

As an added bonus, we also offer our readers a free $50 Cash Back reward from GoodBed if you choose to buy from a GoodBed Trusted Retailer. It's a win for everyone: Stores that have earned our trust get listed as a Trusted Retailer, you get an extra $50 reward from GoodBed that's above and beyond the discounts you get from the store, and GoodBed pays for this out of a referral fee that we earn when you redeem this offer. 

In short, shopping with a GoodBed Trusted Retailer gives you peace of mind for a large and important purchase, supports stores that go above and beyond, rewards you with a Cash Back bonus for shopping with them, and supports GoodBed's work in providing the most independent and expertly-curated mattress information available.

Get your Cash Back code before you shop

To qualify for Cash Back, start by getting your code here at before you buy. Then go the store to get their best available discounts, all of which can be combined with your Cash Back from GoodBed. Finally, redeem the Cash Back offer by entering your code and purchase info at — we'll send you your Cash Back (a $50 Amazon gift card that never expires).

Learn more about this program with our Cash Back FAQ's or see what other consumers have said about GoodBed Cash Back.


Choosing the Best Mattress Store

Where can I get a comprehensive map of all the mattress stores in my area?

Where can I find nearby stores that carry a certain brand or type of mattress?

  • From the mattress store locator, click on the locations in your area to find out if they list the brand or mattress type you are seeking.
  • Look for Try This Bed boxes as you browse product pages across GoodBed. Enter your zip code to make sure the information we are showing is as local to you as possible.
  • Before heading out, give the store a call to verify the selection they have on display right now.

How do I choose between all the mattress stores in my area?

  • Start by taking the GoodBed Quiz to find options that best match your personal requirements. For local shopping options, your quiz results will also show you nearby stores that carry your recommended mattresses. Look for Trusted Retailers when available. If not, check store reviews carefully to determine whether that store is one you feel you can trust with this purchase.

How can I learn more about a specific mattress store in my area?

  • To find information about any given mattress retailer, simply use the search box on this site to search for them by name. To find information about one of their specific store locations, use our store locator.


Becoming a GoodBed Trusted Retailer

If your business is interested in becoming one of GoodBed's hand-picked Trusted Retailers, and you think your company meets the above criteria, please contact us to get the conversation started at: partnerships [at] goodbed [dot] com

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