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GoodBed Quiz Testimonials
Why Do Consumers Trust the GoodBed Quiz?

See why so many consumers praise the GoodBed Quiz as the best way to assess your personal mattress needs, and quickly narrow in on a short list of the best options for you.

With thousands of choices spread across online retailers and local stores, buying a mattress has gotten easier, but shopping for one has only gotten harder. This is why we created the GoodBed Quiz — the first and only way to search across mattress brands and stores to quickly narrow down to the best options for you. Our quiz starts with a thorough assessment of your personal requirements, so that we can provide you with the most accurate recommendations and match scores, along with detailed explanations behind our reasoning in each case.

But you don't need to take our word for it! Below are real testimonials from unbiased consumers who explain even better than we can why the GoodBed Quiz was such a helpful shopping tool for them.

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Testimonials for the GoodBed Quiz

I like that it asked quite personal and important questions that I would not have considered. I also like that you suggested reasonably priced options, and I can try these out in a nearby store.

Betty from Mobile, AL

This is the best tool I've seen on the internet that explains a mattress selection for your personal needs. 1000/10

D'arcy from Chilliwack, BC

Trying to find a mattress is frustrating. This quiz just made my decision so much easier. If I know of anyone searching for a new mattress, even if they think they know what they want, I will send them to goodbed to take the quiz.

Lora R from Crossville, TN

Amazingly thorough questions even to addressing my medical conditions. Narrows down the best choices and tells me stores that carry the mattresses. Your site was referenced recently in a local newspaper article on how to choose a mattress! A gigantic help.

Carole from Orlando, FL

I am extremely impressed with the number of details and care in the questions posed. I did not realize that I had to take so much into account. You completed my experience by providing a full range of options to chose from.

Luis from Centereach, NY

I have been trying to research mattresses myself for a long time but I've felt so lost and hopeless. The questions the survey asks are so spot on to what I've tried to research and it makes me feel so confident in the results. Thank you.

Tyler from Long Beach, NY

Amazing! Really helped me narrow down my choices from way too much information! Now I have a much better sense of what to buy!

Kathy from La Mesa, CA

Was very impressed by questions asked to help decipher the best matress match for two very different sleepers. I truly felt this was much better than most in store consults I've had!!

Sherry H from Hermitage, PA

I like that the quiz is thorough for both partners and local stores are even recommended.

Shandi from Kent, OH

Good questions that zeroed in on things I wouldn't have thought of on my own.

Marisa from Tempe, AZ

It's the best site I've come across, plus it doesn't try to push one brand.

Erk from Maple City, MI

I wish I found this survey before I spent hours researching 50 beds.

June from Bradenton, FL

I was so confused by all the options and after weeks of research and reading reviews, I have yet to make a purchase! I looked at the options from this report and I feel confident now that I will get a good bed suited for me! Thank God.

Ursula from Chandler, AZ

It's unbiased. You asked me what I want instead of making suggestions.

B from Glenview, IL

This helped me NOT purchase a mattress that wouldn't work for me. I already sent the info to a friend who is looking for a mattress too.

Ronda from San Pablo, CA

It is overwhelming with all of the brands and all of the stores out there and all the different prices so this really narrowed it down quickly and easily thank you so much!

Mickey from Escondido, CA

Most complete analysis that I have ever experienced while searching for a new mattress.

Rodger from Dunnellon, FL

[The quiz] gave me an excellent match and pointed out beds that I would not have found on my own. I read about your website in a recent newspaper article in the Contra Costa Times (Bay Area NewsGroup) in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thank you for trying to make this very frustrating and anxiety producing purchase a little easier!!

Don from Concord, CA

After viewing some videos, doing more research, and then coming back to this site, I feel more confident in purchasing a new mattress at Goodbed's suggestion - and - thanks for the discounts!

Beth from Syracuse, NY

I love the tool. I would have no idea how to pick a mattress if i didnt have this.

Toyah from Allen, TX

For the first time I feel like I can make a wise mattress purchase!

Ellen from Charleston, SC

Wow!! I wish I had found this site 2 days ago! I've been inundated with TOO much information. This narrows it all down!

Jacqueline from Bel Air, MD

This is an extremely helpful website. I have been trying to decide and find a very soft mattress and your website answered all of my questions. I plan on checking out the suggested nearby stores for the mattress recommendations. Thank you so much!

Marilyn from Antelope, CA

The most thorough evaluation available on the market today for mattresses information comes from Goodbed.

Michele from Bradenton, FL

Its hard to pick the right mattress if you dont know what to look for, like I did. I'd like to share this with others.

Jacque from Cleveland, OH

Helpful! I had narrowed down my bed options to 3. This helped me finalize my choice and actually bought my number 1 contender.

Summer B from Portage, IN

This gives a good understanding of what you're looking for, seems quite unbiased toward certain brands, and gives you great mattress options within your budget and near your location.

Gabrielle from Saint Johns, AZ

I'm no longer confused about what kind of mattress I need.

Jamie from Longview, WA

The questions were detailed. They made me think of things I might not have otherwise though about. You covered everything including about my partner.

Delfina from Beebe, AR

Lots of options and criteria looked at to find the right mattress, not just what position I sleep in.

Jessica from Grand Island, NE

So far you've been accurate and appropriate information on my two previous beds. Naturally I would want your thoughts for the next mattress.

Loretta from Springfield, MO

This is an incredibly informative and well designed site. I'm really impressed!

Hope from Columbus, NC

The most comprehensive information in one site!!!! Easy to navigate, and...up to date.

Carol from Nacogdoches, TX

All the questions asked were very meaningful and really helped me to decide on a particular mattress. There are so many mattresses out there you can really get confused. Keep up the good work.

Ron from Fresno, CA

Most comprehensive! Makes shopping for a mattress very easy. It's so overwhelming and this GOODBED did most of the work. Thanks so much.

Sue from Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have been shopping and researching for months and I've had it! This narrows it down, and helps so much.

Dina from League City, TX

It was so helpful because it was very specific questions. I have spent hours researching and was exasperated but finding this today gave me confidence to make the decision and the purchase.

Renee from Aurora, CO

Helped me understand what mattress I should choose and why! Information was very helpful.

Beth M from Pompano Beach, FL

Less time reading all the reviews on hundreds of brands.

Steph from Ava, MO

I tried all 3 and they are most comfortable for me. I purchased a mattress brand from one of the top 3 selections.

T from Owings Mills, MD

The results explain every thing I need in a bed that I could never remember to say. Very thorough.

Lynda from Clovis, CA

It verified the research I had done, so I feel very comfortable in its accuracy.

Marilyn from Albany, NY

Regardless of what I like the test still remained strong on what I needed. Even though I was unaware of what I needed because I sleep on my belly.

Alyssa from Villa Rica, GA

It's amazing! It knew just what we wanted and needed! Very detailed questions!

Lacey from Pineville, LA

One stop location for all information. You tube videos, your guy was the best.

Chris from Fort Myers, FL

It saves me time and is very convenient. It's not a gimmick.

Lisa from Dartmouth, NS

I've never been asked these questions when looking at mattresses and I think it great to have you assess my answers to your questions and tell me which mattresses are best for me! Thank you!

Cindy from Amory, MS

It seems like you truly care about people and how they sleep.

Jeffrey from Lancaster, OH

Very good to have to actually think about the questions and then the answers - makes one understand just what they are looking for in a mattress!

Melissa from De Soto, MO

The website gives a wide range of matches that also include consumer ratings and reviews.

Ellery from Madbury, NH

There is so much info out there, I'm overwhelmed. Having a site that analyzes and recommends beds that match your conditions is the most helpful thing I've found.

Julie from Peoria, AZ

Incredibly helpful comparison information. Explanation of types of cushioning and softness levels for each individuals body type / weight / very helpful took as well.

Brad from Mount Vernon, WA

Simple, yet provides great information to assist in the decision making. I already recommended this page to my neighbor yesterday.

D from Flat Rock, NC

This was the most comprehensive guide for learning about mattresses I have ever read.

Paul from Grantville, PA

Watching the reviews I feel much better informed about the different areas to look for in a mattress. Then putting my personal preferences in the mix with the questionnaire. Much more likely to buy the right one the first time!

Dianna from Richmond, VT

This was the most comprehensive quiz I've taken about sleeping and I feel it addresses all the concerns about a mattress and sleeping that I could have.

Janet from Indian Trail, NC

This is awesome!! The most helpful thing I've done since starting to look for a mattress.

Vicki from Statesville, NC

This is an excellent way to find the right mattress.

Beverly from Terry, MS

This is the easiest way to narrow down all the choices out there. You have provided more info than most stores do. Thank you.

Lorie from Gloucester, ON

The quiz was incredibly thorough in asking what type of sleeper I am and very thorough in asking what my preferences were for bedding. I have never seen another web site ask me in such great detail to learn what is best for me as far as a mattress.

Mark from Renton, WA

I would recommend anyone to take the quiz to be able to find their perfect mattress.

Anita from Megargel, TX

Is showing me mattresses that I thought would work for me after at least 5 hours online research. Would have been easier to take the quiz and waaaayyyyy less time staring at my phone.

Anna from Las Vegas, NV

Very helpful matching system before going to a store and having to look at every bed and having to listen to the many reasons for buying each individual mattress.

Duncan from Roanoke, VA

Before today, I had no idea what type mattress would be good for me. I think others could benefit from this information.

Tom from South Amboy, NJ

I would never think of all the question yet they were very important.

Gian from Toronto, ON

The best mattress site I have seen! -- in many different ways.

Frieda from Hot Springs Village, AR

This was very helpful. There are so many choices and options it is hard to know what to pick. And it has helped us understand what each person needs as well as providing some options that may work for both of us.

Tiffany from Edmonton, AB

Found it VERY helpful. I have been looking for a firm mattress but understand the reasons why a softer mattress is suggested.

Mel from Toronto, ON

These are excellent questions, and the results have changed my mind about which mattress to buy.

Beverly from Jackson, MS

Gave me a place to start as I had no idea how to pick a mattress.

Libby from Helena, MT

It saves a bunch of time researching and not having to drive from store to store.

Debra from Paulden, AZ

Helped me choose the right mattress for my body type and medical issues.

Jean from Aurora, ON

Asked important questions in a really easy to understand way!

Robb from Toronto, ON

Love the quick analysis and the clarity of the questions!

Lyne from Lefaivre, ON

Easy and helpful results from a trusted site.

Diane from Lakeside, CA

This site helped me more than the sales people at various stores. The sales people usually said; 'lay on it and see if you like it'.

Catherine from Red Deer, AB

Saves time and keeps me from having to go to each website and read their information.

Myrtis from Jacksonville, FL

This is just a great website :) Came here from youtube channel.

R from Cleveland, OH

Best mattress site, not just internet products.

Rebecca from Redwood City, CA

I was almost sure I knew what kind of mattress i wanted. I feel even more confident that I can order online because the quiz shows that I am matched pretty perfectly for the specific mattress I am ordering.

Cathy from Sheridan, WY

Very informative and helped me choose the right mattress!

Debbie from Wichita Falls, TX

It takes the guesswork out of the equation and narrows my search.

Keith from Baton Rouge, LA

Took a lot of criteria into consideration instead of just my preference.

Karen from Albuquerque, NM

I appreciate the ability to accurately choose the right mattress for me by taking the quiz. The quiz makes shopping for a mattress a tailored experience.

Mary from Hesperia, CA

I've had trouble comparing all of my priorities in mattress choices on my own, this site does it for me, I'm so relieved!

Meghan from Romeoville, IL

It removes most of the guesswork. Especially when contemplating an online purchase.

Dianne from Columbia, SC

The detail in your questions about each person's weight, sleeping position and priorities gives me confidence you can help us find the right bed for us.

Joy from Federal Way, WA

It makes it so much easier to walk into a store and let them know what feelings we have to make our choices quickly.

John from Brookhaven, PA

It gives you a lot of things to select from that are important instead of just side or back sleeper.

Anita from Fort Worth, TX

This quiz really takes the guesswork out of choosing a mattress.

Janice M from Lutherville Timonium, MD

Easy to use, asks questions that truly matter.

CD D from Florence, OR

I have not seen an assessment like this at all, so what a great extra 'counselor' to have beyond the videos available in this big decision!

Natalie from Raleigh, NC

The quiz gives me a range of mattresses that I can chose from for my particular sleeping pattern and requirements. It takes the guessing out of mattress shopping.

Carrol from Laurel, MD

I've already recommended it. It's useful to anyone.

Linda from San Rafael, CA

The results help to make informed decisions in a field full of confusing marketing tactics.

Geno from Lakewood, WA

Best website ever!

John from Brooklyn, NY

Great way to pre-shop for a mattress & narrow down choices prior to visiting the mattress store saving time & money! Thanks so much!

Vivian from New Smyrna Beach, FL

So many options out there that can be very confusing. Your guidance helps personalize what options available for me and my spouse!

Mark from High Point, NC

Information was very helpful in determining type of mattresses that would be good for me, as well as availability in area.

Valorie from Green Bay, WI

It's a great way to figure out what's most important in a mattress‚ especially when buying online. Thanks!

Vanessa from Blaine, WA

Ground breaking! Never heard of it before!

Autumn S from South Webster, OH

I stumbled upon this quiz/site doing a Google search because I'm looking for a mattress. What a well thought out and useful quiz! I'm so pleasantly surprised! Glad I found you!

Kimberly from East Chicago, IN

Very helpful guide... I will recommend to family/friends to better help in making a more informed purchase. Thank You...

Danny M from Hartford, CT

Obvious that much work has been placed and reviews are kept real from someone who really cares. Thank you!

Lihnda from Pocasset, MA

It is hard with all of the options to pinpoint the best fit for our needs. This quiz is a good way to determine the proper result.

Mike from White Hall, IL

Only thing like it that I've come across. Super helpful in choosing mattress. Especially when you're clueless, like me.

Shanna from Hereford, AZ

It's hard to pick a mattress and you ask a lot of questions to help pick a matress based on my needs that I didn't realize.

Tammy from Kingsport, TN

Exactly the help I needed, and seems to ask very relevant questions that should guide a serious bed shopper's selections.

Eunice from Washington, DC

Fabulous service! I did not know it existed!

Sharon from Loleta, CA

Intuitive layout, 3rd-party ads not over-bearing. very informative in discovering they type of mattress that best suits my needs.

Adam from Tucson, AZ

Incredibly helpful. Who knew there were so many considerations that contribute to overall satisfaction? Many thanks.

Laura from Petaluma, CA

It helped me narrow down what was really important to me and why.

Audrey from Concord, NC

Average people have no way to pick out an appropriate mattress when so many factors are involved. Your quiz did this for me.

Jennifer Y from Houston, MS

Your quiz gave us a starting point on our search for a new mattress.

Albert B from Athens, TX

This is helpful in making a decision. There are so many to choose from it's hard to know which ones actually have the characteristics I need.

Julie from Collinsville, VA

Helps alot with the mattress suggestions and information on what mattress features would be important.

Debbie from Salina, KS

I found it very useful to have and the questions really make you think closely about your sleep criteria and history.

Miguel from Winnipeg, MB

The details requested...surprised me, but led to distinct results.

Tracy from Papillion, NE

I have seen the videos on you tube and it seems to be a trustworthy site.

Alisa from Roanoke, VA

It makes purchasing a mattress easier by narrowing the search to mattresses that meet your needs.

Steve from Middleboro, MA

Very informative and helpful in choosing the right mattress. It's so confusing and I think you saved me days of research.

Debbie from Hyde Park, NY

I started with watching the videos and decided to take the quiz. The answer seems pretty right on.

Sheila from Albion, WA

Helpful for shopping, and accurately matched with the mattresses we have experienced and enjoyed in stores.

Jessica from Carrollton, OH

Asked great questions to pinpoint my needs. Then gave referrals to several local places with mattress suggestions.

Misty from Cleveland, TN

After reading a million reviews it's nice to take a quiz to find something that fits me!

Kyla from Hyattsville, MD

Has helped me weed thru the mass of choices of mattresses to find ones that I should at least try and possibly buy.

Jana from Houston, TX

It made it easier for me to know what I needed by asking those questions, instead of trying to figure it out myself.

Rod from Woodbridge, VA

This was very helpful in assessing for myself what my partner and I need in a comfortable mattress.

Nisha from New York, NY

It seems thorough and this website seems a bit less biased than other mattress review sites

R from Allentown, PA

No retail seller of mattresses has ever asked these types of questions.

Ralph from Humble, TX

Very useful information. Saves time by suggesting local stores and matress types.

Raj from Centreville, VA

Makes the process of buying the right mattress so much easier. Thanks.

Sandra from Hastings, FL

I was lost on what to look for before finding this website. Thank you.

Miranda from St Catharines, ON

Two of the ones mentioned here I've already gone to try out at the what I was naturally drawn to are mentioned here.

Donna from Angier, NC

It seemed very accurate as this was the exact same mattress I was thinking about purchasing for my back challenges!

Dawn from Huntsville, AL

Your questions were relevant and the end result appeared to not be geared to push us to purchase your bed.

Katherine from Yachats, OR

Your suggestions are consistent with the comfort levels of some of the mattresses I have recently tested.

Maureen from Princeton, NJ

I really like the evaluation. This is new to me and helps clear things that relate to my planned purchase.

Robyn from Jackson, CA

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