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GoodBed Cash Back
How Does It Work?

Last updated on December 29, 2021

Exclusively for stores that meet our standards as a Trusted Retailer, we offer you a free Cash Back reward from GoodBed if you choose to take your business there.

It's a win for everyone: Stores that have earned our trust get listed as a Trusted Retailer, you get an extra $50 bonus from GoodBed that's above and beyond any discounts you get from the store, and GoodBed pays for this out of a referral fee that we earn when you redeem this offer (the remainder of which supports the independent mattress information that we provide here at GoodBed). Read more about how Trusted Retailers are selected.


Get your Cash Back Code before you shop

To qualify for Cash Back, start by getting your code here at before you buy. Then go the store to get their best available discounts, all of which can be combined with your Cash Back from GoodBed. Finally, claim your Cash Back by entering your code and purchase info at — we'll send you your Cash Back (a $50 Amazon gift card that never expires). It's that simple (see what other consumers say about GoodBed Cash Back).


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions about Cash Back Codes and the GoodBed Cash Back program.

Q: I forgot to bring my code to the store or mention this deal when I made my purchase — can I still redeem this offer?

A: Absolutely. As long as you got a code before making your purchase, you will have no trouble redeeming this offer. In fact, bringing your code to the store is not necessary to redeem this offer. Some stores do offer additional discounts for GoodBed readers, but even if you receive such an additional discount while you are making your purchase, you are still 100% eligible for the $50 Cash Back from GoodBed.


Q: Why don't you just give me a discount on my mattress instead of making me come back to GoodBed to get a $50 Amazon gift card?

A: Because this offer comes out of GoodBed's pocket, not the retailer's. So if the store offers to take $50 off your purchase right there, that's great. But no matter what, you can (and should) STILL redeem this offer. Even if they agree to knock $500 off your purchase, you should still redeem this offer. In other words, this offer is ON TOP of ANY discounts you get from the store. It truly is a FREE $50 reward.


Q: I'm not shopping at the store you recommend. Why can't I redeem this at other stores?

A: GoodBed hand picks stores that we trust — called Trusted Retailers — to provide our readers with outstanding service and prices and then works with them to offer an even better deal that you can't get without being a GoodBed reader. We promote this offer to our readers and when they choose to buy from a Trusted Retailer, we earn a referral fee from the store. We share that fee with the reader by sending them their Cash Back reward. If you'd prefer to shop from another store that does not have our Trusted Retailer endorsement, that's your choice, but we are not able to offer you any incentive for doing so.


Q: I got a code before purchasing but my code is now expired — can I still redeem the offer?

A: Yes, you can definitely still redeem the offer. Just send us an email to service (at) goodbed (dot) com with your original code and we'll send you back a new code that you can use to redeem the offer.


Q: I lost my code — can I still redeem this offer?

A: Yes, if you have not purchased yet, simply generate a new code before making your purchase. If you've already purchased and lost the code you got before buying, email us at service (at) goodbed (dot) com.


Q: I got my code two weeks ago and am not ready to buy yet. Can I still take advantage of this offer when I am ready to buy?

A: Yes, assuming this store is still part of our Trusted Retailer program, you can come back and get a new code any time before you buy, and then use that code to redeem your purchase. Each code is valid for purchases made within the following two weeks.


Q: I got a code and then made my purchase but forgot to redeem this offer — can I still redeem it?

A: Each code can be redeemed for up to 4 weeks after it was issued, so you may be able to use that code to redeem right now. If your code no longer works, just contact us at service (at) goodbed (dot) com to let us know, and include your old code in the email.


Q: I saw this offer on GoodBed before I purchased but I forgot to get a code — can I still redeem the offer?

A: Perhaps. We just need to be confirm that you really were on before you bought. If you are in this situation, email us at service (at) goodbed (dot) com.


Q: I bought a mattress from a Trusted Retailer, but didn't know about this offer — can I still get the gift card?

A: I'm afraid not. This offer is expressly for people who are researching their purchase on GoodBed in advance and then choose to purchase from a GoodBed Trusted Retailer.


Q: I mentioned this offer in the store but they didn't seem to know about it — why not?

A: From time to time, we do experience situations where an employee of a GoodBed Trusted Retailer is not aware of this offer. Our direct relationships are typically with the owners of the business, not at the store level. So even when their store employees are periodically reminded about this offer, some may have missed, forgotten, or misunderstood these notices. And since you can redeem this offer without ever even mentioning it to anyone at the store, it's always possible for an employee not to know about it. Nonetheless, if this happens to you, we ask that you please shoot us a quick email at service (at) goodbed (dot) com to let us know so we can make sure to request that the retailer send their employees a fresh reminder about this program. Rest assured that if you see a Cash Back offer from GoodBed, there is no question about whether we will honor it.


Q: The person in the store tried to discourage me from redeeming this offer.

A: If this happened to you, please send us an email to let us know at service (at) goodbed (dot) com. All employees of our Trusted Retailers are supposed to know about this program and should be very supportive of you redeeming the offer. When one of our readers redeems the offer, the retailer pays us a referral fee — a fee that we then share back with that reader. If they talk you out of redeeming the offer, they are short-changing both you and us by not living up to their end of this arrangement. Of course, each Trusted Retailer is hand-picked by us, so we would never expect their employees to intentionally violate your trust (or ours) in any way. But nonetheless, if you happen to have a bad experience, please do let us know.


Q: The person in the store would not give me the $50.

A: This is actually correct. The $50 comes directly from GoodBed, not the store, and is paid out after you return to this site to redeem the offer.


Q: How do I receive the Cash Back?

A: Once we confirm your purchase details with the retailer, your $50 Amazon gift card will be sent to you by email using the email address you provided on the redemption form. The email will come directly from Amazon and will include a short note from GoodBed. Make sure to check your spam folder for any emails from GoodBed and mark them as "not spam" to avoid any problems receiving your Cash Back. If we encounter any problems confirming your purchase details, we’ll notify you at this same email address. Cash Back rewards are typically sent out within 4 to 6 weeks of redeeming the offer, though often much sooner.


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