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First 30 Days of Your New Mattress
Getting to Know Your New Bed

Last updated on June 22, 2022

Your new mattress is likely to be a dramatic change from your old one. Here’s how to make a smooth transition.

Give it 30 days

Know that it can take about a month to adjust to a new mattress, and even longer if you are changing comfort levels from your previous mattress. Whether you loved or hated your old mattress, your body was used making all sorts of micro-adjustments throughout the night. So don’t panic if you don’t sleep well the first night on the new mattress, or if you wake up feeling a little different. It is going to take your body awhile to adjust to this new sleeping surface and recalibrate to the new normal.

For this reason, many retailers with return policies specify that a mattress cannot be returned prior to a 30 day period. If after about a month you’re experiencing more aches and pains or tossing and turning than you used to, these could be signs that the mattress isn’t providing you with adequate support or pressure relief.

The 'new mattress' smell

It is not uncommon to notice an odor when you first receive your new mattress, especially if it's a 'bed in a box' model that came compressed and wrapped in layers of plastic. Mattresses made with memory foam, gel memory foam, and synthetic latex typically receive the most complaints.

This 'new mattress smell' is described by owners as similar to the odor of a new car, or of a newly opened can of paint. It's typically the result of chemicals used in the manufacture of foams, or from chemical flame retardants (required by law). When GoodBed tests mattresses, we notice that the smell starts to dissipate almost immediately, and are barely noticeable within a week or two.

Some people are more sensitive to chemical odors than others. If you are, experts advise leaving a new mattress in a well-ventilated room for 2 weeks to allow odors to dissipate before sleeping on it. Of course, that's not always possible, but the good news is that any odors your mattress emanates will dissipate over time.


This mattress feels firmer than it did in the store

Your brand-new mattress may feel a little different from the one you tried out and loved in the store. This is because lots of other people tried out that floor model too, softening it up over time. What this means is that with regular use, your mattress will soften up too.

Help, I think I chose the wrong mattress!

If you’ve given yourself adequate time to adjust to the new mattress and you aren’t happy with how it feels, many retailers offer a trial period or free exchange policy. Online mattress brands are especially notable for 100, 120, and even 365-day trial periods.

Not all mattress stores or department stores, offer this, and those that do sometimes charge a restocking fee and have other restrictions that apply. Read the fine print and contact your retailer if you think you might be a candidate for a return or exchange.

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