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Adjustable Comfort

Last updated on June 22, 2022

If you anticipate your comfort needs might change, some mattresses offer solutions for changing the softness of a mattress. Some do this by allowing you to swap foam layers, accessed through a zippered cover. And some whole types of mattresses are geared towards adjusting the comfort (such as beds with air bladders).

With some mattresses, you can change only the whole bed, while some offer dual comfort -- the ability to change the comfort on both sides of the mattress independently.

GoodBed does not give mattresses a rating for adjustable comfort, but we do note in our reviews when a mattress has the ability to do this. As a preference feature, it may or may not be important to you, and the ability most certainly adds to the cost of a bed.

Swapping Mattress Layers or Flipping a Mattress

Some brands have made the ability to choose a comfort level part of their brand, either as part of the mattress as it's delivered, or as a post-purchase option. Here are a few notable approaches:

For example, Spindle, a latex mattress, allows you to re-arrange the three natural latex layers to adjust the comfort level, and the company's website and customer service staff can help owners do that.

The Zenhaven latex mattress is designed to be flipped, and each side of the bed has a different comfort level. The company calls one side “luxury plush” and the other “gentle firm."

The Novosbed also offers a way to adjust the comfort and support post-purchase. Through its Comfort+ program, the company will send you an additional foam layer that can be zipped into your mattress to make it firmer or softer to suit your needs.

The Luxi 3-in-1 Adjustable Mattress can be customized at home. Under its zip-off cover are two components (one is three layers of foam wrapped and glued together, and the second is a piece of support foam) that can be flipped over, or re-ordered to change the comfort level, which the company describes as Firm, Medium, and Soft.

Below: Accessing the latex layers of the Spindle bed

Spindle Natural Latex Medium

Changing Comfort with Air Bladders

Sleep Number is the leader when it comes to changing comfort on the fly with a remote control. Their beds use air bladders than can be filled and deflated to change the softness. You can buy a bed with single adjustable comfort (meaning you can adjust the whole bed), or with dual comfort (where each side can be adjusted independently).

Leading brands of upscale air mattresses include Sleep Number and Comfortaire. As Sleep Number's patents reach their 20-year expiration, more manufacturers have announced adjustable air beds. Idle Sleep has introduced its Idle Air mattress. The Saatva Solaire also has adjustable air bladders, available in single or dual-comfort options.

Below: The Idle Air Mattress


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