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Mattress Warranty Claims
What to Know Before Making a Warranty Claim

Last updated on August 19, 2020

Broken springs, cracking foam, seams that come apart, and sagging. These are all issues that should be covered by your mattress warranty, but there steps you can take to ensure your claim will be honored.

Before Filing a Mattress Warranty Claim

Read your warranty

Reviewing your warranty policy seems obvious, but if you've owned your mattress for a few years, just finding your warranty documents could be a challenge. Hopefully you remembered to save them from your purchase. If not, check the manufacturer website. But be aware that warranties for various models may be different.

Read through the policy with an eye towards anything that could void the warranty. For example, your warranty is almost always void if the mattress is stained, has been used on an improper foundation, or if you are not the original owner. If any of these are true, your warranty claim most likely won't be honored. You might try filing a claim anyway, but be aware that often, costs are associated with that (see below).

If you want to file a claim for sagging or body impressions, find out how deep it has to be in your warranty policy. See our Understanding Warranties page for more on sagging and how to measure it.

Once you've determined that you have a valid warranty claim...

Assemble documentation

You'll need your original receipt. Also, make sure the mattress tag is still on the bed (the one that says "Do not remove under penalty of law"). Take pictures of the foundation you've used, and if you can find the receipt from your foundation, that will support your case that the bed has been properly supported during the entire time you've owned it.

Take plenty of photos of the damaged areas.

File the Claim

You'll file the claim with whomever you purchased the mattress. For example, if you purchased the bed from an online manufacturer (like Nectar, Tuft & Needle, etc.), you'll contact the manufacturer. Some have an online form to start your claim, while others will direct you to call.

If you bought the mattress from a store, start by contacting the store directly.

What if the manufacturer/brand is out of business?

If you purchased directly from the manufacturer, you may be out of luck. However, if you purchased the mattress in a physical store, try contacting the store to see if they can help.

What if the store is out of business?

The reverse is true here. If the store is no longer there, contact the manufacturer, though this will increase the chances you may be on the hook for shipping fees.

What if I bought my mattress from Amazon, Overstock, or another third party seller?

Contact the manufacturer first. They'll be able to tell you whether you need to go through the third-party seller, or through them. And be aware of a common "gotcha" -- purchases from unauthorized mattress resellers are usually not covered by the manufacturer warranty at all.

What if I bought at a local store, but I've now moved away?

Start by calling the store where you purchased the mattress. They should be able to recommend the best next step.

Costs Associated with a Warranty Claim

Wait... what? Most people are surprised to learn that filing a claim will usually cost you money (though it might be refunded if your claim is deemed valid). 

First, the retailer or manufacturer will want to send an inspector to your home, especially if mattress sagging is your complaint. There's likely to be a charge for that. For example, Mattress Firm will charge you $80 for an inspector to come to your home and determine whether the damage is covered under the warranty.

You're also going to be on the hook for shipping. While most companies will arrange pickup of the bed, they'll charge for that. Mattress Firm charges $80 to send the mattress back. If the damage is determined to be covered under warranty, they'll credit you the $80 inspection fee to cover shipping of a new mattress. Still, you're going to be on the hook for $160 to get your mattress replaced under warranty.

If you purchased your mattress online from Nectar, as another example, you'll pay $50 shipping each way, but only if your bed is more than 10 years old. Otherwise, no charges are incurred. Casper, another online mattress company, does not charge for any shipping. Check your warranty policy, as all such policies differ widely.

And don't forget--if you are required to ship your mattress to be inspected, you'll be without a mattress for some time, and will need to find another sleep solution for that period.

Pro-rated warranties

Your mattress came with a 25-year or lifetime warranty. But read closely, and you may find that the warranty is pro-rated. After a certain number of years (maybe 5 or 10 years), you'll pay a charge to account for your years of ownership. In this case, the warranty may not cover the full purchase price or replacement cost of the mattress. Policies differ by company, so be sure to check to avoid surprises.

My Warranty Claim was Denied. Now What?


Many mattress manufacturers, especially the online companies, have contracts with third-party arbitration companies. If your claim was denied, and you think you still have a valid claim, you can appeal to arbitration. In that case, a third-party arbitrator will determine if the company is liable in full, in part, or not at all. Be aware that you may be required to appear in person, or designate someone to appear on your behalf.

Small Claims

If you purchased your mattress locally, and your claim was denied, you could try small claims court if you believe you were denied unfairly. Jurisdictions differ, but most allow you to inexpensively file a claim for up to $5,000 or $10,000, and no lawyer is required.

Check with Your Credit Card

Certain premium credit cards offer supplementary warranties for products purchased with your card. It's worth a call to your credit card company to see if they offer coverage.

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