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Mattress Reviews FAQ
Common Questions about Reviewing a Mattress on GoodBed

Last updated on December 29, 2021

How can I review my mattress on GoodBed?

Mattress reviews can be posted on our product review form. You can also find links to this form on any product profile page on this site.

How do I determine the "model name" of my mattress?

For most people, the full model name of your mattress will be printed on a label that is embroidered directly onto the cover of your mattress. This label will typically be in the center of the mattress width-wise, at either the head or foot (depending on how your mattress was last rotated). Usually, it is on either the top surface of the mattress (although if your mattress has two sides, this could currently be on the bottom), or the end (i.e., vertical surface) of the mattress. In less common cases, it might be on the corner of the mattress, or you might even find it on the tag (the one with the fine print and legal language). If you can't find it any of these places, it will very likely be on your receipt (which hopefully you still have for warranty purposes!).

If you simply can not find the model name of your mattress but still want to submit a review, you may enter "Not Known" in the model name box and hit "Go." However, please keep in mind that the less information we have about the exact mattress you are reviewing, the less valuable your review will be to other mattress shoppers, and thus the fewer places it will appear on the site. It is also possible to edit your review, meaning you can come back and provide the model name at a later time.

Our mattress is not listed on the site – what do we do?

To enter the name of your mattress, you will be asked for both the brand name (e.g., Simmons Beautyrest Black, or Serta Perfect Sleeper) and the model name (e.g., Belmont Cushion Firm, Winslow Ultra Plush Euro Top, etc.). The list of brands is pretty comprehensive, so we ask you to try to select the name of your brand from the drop-down menu that will appear within a few seconds after you start typing. That said, with model names, some models (especially older models) will not yet be listed on the site. If this is the case with your mattress, just type in the full name of your model and hit "Go." If the brand and/or model name of your mattress are not in our autocomplete menu, please just type them into the appropriate boxes and proceed with your review - we will then add the missing product information to the site.

We have multiple mattresses in our house – can I review all of them?

Of course! Assuming you have personal experience sleeping on them, please do! However, please do not submit a review in which you are merely reporting on someone else’s experience with a mattress.

My spouse and I would both like to review our mattress – can we each submit our own review of the same mattress?

Definitely! Different people can have different perspectives (or similar ones for that matter), so it is valuable for each of you to share your experiences on the site separately. That said, please ask your spouse to submit their review under their own account containing their own unique sleeping preferences. This will help future mattress shoppers understand how two different people – each with their own sleep characteristics – liked this mattress.

What are "sleeping preferences" and why are they relevant to our mattress review?

Sleep preferences are a unique and important component of the GoodBed feedback process because they help readers like you find ratings and reviews from other people like you. When it comes to mattresses, people’s needs and preferences vary widely, particularly based on common characteristics like weight, sleep position, softness preference, age, and gender.  Answering these questions will simply help our readers find reviews and recommendations that are most relevant to them.

I don't remember exactly when we bought our mattress or how much we paid – do I need to find our receipt?

That would be very helpful, but is not necessary. Please provide at least your best recollection of when you bought it, as the length of time you’ve had your mattress can be important for shoppers that are making decisions based on your review. The optional information will only be used for general trends and statistics, and is not essential to the review. If you don’t have a clear recollection of these details, you may just leave those fields blank.

We bought our mattress a while ago – does this matter?

This is fine of course. Most people keep their mattress an average of 8-10 years, so it is expected that many reviewers will have purchased their current mattress a number of years ago.

Can we send this to our friends and family to ask them to review their mattress as well?

Absolutely! The more reviews that are submitted to the site, the better resource it becomes for you and future mattress shoppers. For you, this is a great way to benefit from the collective experience of the people whose opinion you value the most.

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