Why We Do This

Can you imagine a world where it is easy and stress-free to buy the perfect mattress?
We did.

Mattress Shopping is Too Hard

We believe it should be easier to get a good bed. We believe mattress shoppers should be able to find trustworthy information, fair prices and quality products. We believe mattress companies should help consumers, not deceive them. We believe a good night's sleep starts with a good bed -- and that everyone deserves a good night's sleep...

If you share our beliefs, help spread the word about GoodBed.

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Click here to read the Mattress Shopper Bill of Rights, and to see what you can do – as a consumer or company – to make it easier to get a good bed.

Our History

GoodBed was founded in 2008 and has become the world’s top source for information about mattresses.  The idea for GoodBed originated out of a fatefully frustrated mattress shopping experience for our founder (how else...?).  Setting out to find their first “real” mattress, he and his wife were met with a sea of white rectangles that varied in price by thousands of dollars, yet were hard to differentiate and even harder to compare.  So, our team set out to create an independent guide that could help people find the best mattress for their needs, and buy it from a good store at a fair price. 

Our Mission

GoodBed will make it easier to choose the right bed from the right store at the right price.
We support consumers by helping them find trustworthy information, quality products, good customer service, and fair prices. We reward good companies who do the same. In the end, we help mattress shoppers purchase the bed that will be the best investment for them.