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About Us

GoodBed is the first and only personalized mattress shopping guide, designed to help you find and buy the perfect bed for you. Founded in 2008, GoodBed is now the top independent consumer resource for information about mattresses.

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Our Mission

To help the world sleep better by making it easier to find and buy the right mattress and related sleep products for your personal requirements.

What We Believe

  • Good sleep is critical to good health – and good sleep starts with a good bed.
  • No bed is good for everyone – so consumers need personalized guidance to find the right products.
  • Consumers deserve objective and unbiased information for assessing both products and stores.
  • Consumers benefit from increased transparency – as do good companies.


Our History

The idea for GoodBed originated out of a frustrating shopping experience for our founder and his wife, who were recently married and setting out to find their first “real” mattress. Confused by the overwhelming sea of choices that varied in price by thousands of dollars, they found it nearly impossible to compare the many options they found across different stores, and even harder to determine which would be best for them. Salespeople were low on knowledge and high on pressure, and there was nowhere to turn for credible information about this important investment. Based on this experience, in 2008, Michael set out to create an independent and personalized guide that would help people find the perfect bed for them.


How We Help

GoodBed is the first and only personalized guide for mattress shopping. We make it easier for our readers to make the best choice by providing trustworthy and dependable guidance based on expertise + data + technology.


Mattress Match Quiz

The selection of mattresses at any one store (even a large national chain) tends to include only a fraction of your choices, and often excludes the best choices for you.  So to find the right mattress, you need to search across stores – both the ones in your area and the ones from whom you can buy online.

GoodBed’s advanced search technology provides the best way to search across brands and stores (both online and offline) to see mattress options that best match your personal needs and preferences.  Powered by our Mattress Match Quiz, GoodBed makes this process fast and easy for consumers, allowing you to spend less time researching products that aren't good for you, and to learn much more about the products that are – leading to a much better purchase decision in the end.

Start by taking this simple quiz and our intelligent matching algorithm will instantly search across all known products and stores to show you a list of mattresses that best meet your requirements, along with info about the stores where you can buy them.


Expert Product Reviews & Product Line Overviews

Name a popular online model, and we’ll show you an in-depth expert mattress review of it. Read or watch, it’s your choice. We’ve subjected dozens of mattresses from Casper to Saatva to our standard roster of tests, evaluating them for pressure relief, motion isolation, edge support, and a dozen other important need and preference factors, including value. We cut through manufacturer jargon and marketing hype to tell you where a bed excels, and where it doesn’t. The attributes of each bed get classified consistently on our rating scales, so you can compare them apples to apples.

We also provide extensive product line overviews for traditional mattress brands, digging under the covers to explain in plain English what’s actually different (without the mattress marketing lingo) about the countless models you’ll see in local stores.

Click here to read our disclosures and learn more about how we maintain the highest standards of integrity in our editorial content.


Unbiased Ratings & Reviews from Mattress Owners Like You

In addition to our hands-on expert reviews, GoodBed is also the largest consumer mattress review destination, with over a quarter million unbiased mattress owner ratings and reviews. Even more importantly, GoodBed is the only place where each owner also provides key information about themselves (sleep positions, comfort preferences, etc.) – this provides critical context for each owner review, and helps you find ratings and reviews from people who are most similar to you. Get the scoop from real owners on comfort, durability, customer service, and more. 

Have a mattress you love (or don’t)? Please help other shoppers and write a review for it!


Best Discounts – Both Online and Offline

At GoodBed, we aren’t content with helping you find the best products – we also want you to save money on your purchase.

Looking to buy your mattress online? We curate a complete list of the best online discounts, coupons, and promo codes, many of which are provided exclusively to our readers.

Prefer to shop in a local store? We’ve got you covered there, too. GoodBed starts by identifying trusted partner stores who offer excellent value for GoodBed readers. Then, when you shop at any of these partner stores, GoodBed earns an advertising fee that we share back with you for extra savings (up to $50)! 

Keep an eye out for these special offers while you’re checking out mattresses on GoodBed.


Mattress 101 Guide

Looking for a handy mattress primer that will give you the lay of the land? Start with our Mattress 101 Guide to mattress types, technology, and materials. Educate yourself so you’re armed with as much information as you can before you head to a store. 

Also check out our no-nonsense glossary of mattress terminology and marketing jargon. We use normal language to remove the hype and break down the terms you’re most likely to see while shopping.


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