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Making a Smart Mattress Purchase
How to Get the Best Deal on Your Mattress

Last updated on August 19, 2020

Now you’re ready to buy your new mattress! You'll sleep even better knowing you’ve done the work to make sure you’re getting a quality mattress that’s a good match for you, at the best possible price. Here's what to consider when choosing which retailer to buy your mattress from.


Based on your knowledge of the going rate for your mattress, choose a retailer willing to give you a fair price on the mattress you want.

Store Policies

Keep in mind that a retailer may have additional services (like free delivery or financing) that add value to your purchase. Know the store’s return policy, including any restocking fees on returned mattresses. And, if returned mattresses can be resold in your state, know whether or not there’s a chance you’ll be receiving a “refurbished” mattress and if the retailer or manufacturer offer any additional assurance of a refurbished mattress’ durability.

Related Products

When buying your mattress, you may also want to consider related products that should ideally be purchased at the same time as your new mattress.  On more expensive products, many stores will offer you such additional items at a discount to further entice you to buy from them. For example, if you do not already have a bed frame or platform that you would like to use, many stores will include a very basic frame with your purchase of a new mattress set.  Other common items that can be purchased with your mattress include pillows, protectors, and sheets.


Many retailers will deliver your new mattress, set it up in your home, and remove and dispose of your old mattress. This service may be offered free or at an additional charge.

Read reviews of the retailer you’re considering to get a sense of the store's track record for customer service and issue resolution

After the Purchase

And, that’s it! Sleep well on your new mattress, and check out our Mattress Owner’s Manual, your guide to getting the most from your new mattress over time.

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