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Are Mattresses Compatible with Adjustable Bases?
Do you need a bed that bends?

Last updated on June 22, 2022

If you're considering an adjustable base to allow the bed to bend into upright or other positions, be sure to choose a mattress that won't be damaged by this.

An adjustable base replaces your regular foundation under your mattress and allows you to raise the head/foot and make other adjustments to the position of your bed. (See our guide to Adjustable Bases  for information on the benefits and types of these special foundations.)

Not all mattresses, however, are made in such a way that they can be used on an adjustable base. Innerspring mattresses in particular can be problematic, as many have a metal cable that runs around the perimeter of the bed at the top and bottom meant to support the edge. If you try to use such a bed on an adjustable base, it may bend, but it won't bend back.

Generally, beds made of all foam are compatible with an adjustable base, and many hybrid mattresses, with pocketed coils on the bottom and foam on the top, also work fine.

How Do I Know If a Mattress is Compatible?

If it's not easily available in the product materials, you'll find that information in the mattress warranty, where the manufacturer will spell out which types of foundations can be used with the mattress.

Most brands see adjustable-base compatibility as a selling feature, so it's information they don't tend to hide.

Many online mattress brands like Casper and Purple sell their own adjustable base as an option, so in that case, you know their mattress will work on one.

How Does GoodBed Evaluate Adjustable Base Compatibility?

We try each mattress on our standard adjustable base. We're looking for how well the mattress conforms to the base when we move it into an articulated position. We look for what happens when we get out of the bed but leave it in the folded position (does it stay in the shape of the base or spring up?). And we look for anything strange or potentially damaging.

In most cases, a brand new mattress won't conform completely. You can see in the example below that the foot of the bed is lifting up from the base. This is normal when a mattress is new. Over time, the bed will break in and better conform to the bends of the bed.

We also take a look at what happens to the mattress's cover; sometimes it bunches up in a way that could be potentially uncomfortable.

We rate mattresses on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest level of conformity and compatibility.

Casper Wave on Adjustable Base

Which Mattresses Work Best with an Adjustable Base?

All of the mattresses we've covered in our GoodBed Expert Reviews are compatible with an adjustable base. Most didn't conform perfectly to the curves of the base right away (especially at the foot), but we expect all of them to conform better after a break in period.

Two real standouts in our testing were the Loom & Leaf mattress and the Tomorrow Hybrid mattress, both of which conformed to our base extremely well right out of the box.

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