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First off, I absolutely love this bed. I needed something supportive but comfortable enough that i wouldn't toss and turn all night. Pillow tops were no longer an option, as my previous mattress was an expensive pillow top that i needed to replace after only 3 years. (damn you Simmons!) never again...Memory foam was also not an option, as my first mattress after college was memory foam, which felt awesome at first, but unbearable after only a few hours into it, especially in the summer (at the time i had no AC). i assumed that i would've had to settle on a firmer coil mattress and buy a separate topper to get the comfort i was looking for. Then i discovered the Quantum...It's a hybrid system with 1500 pocketed coils, memory foam, latex, and gel at the very top to keep cool. You sink into it a little bit, but just enough that it doesn't make my back dip. When i first tried it out i immediately knew this was the one. i can't describe the feeling, it just felt right. I sleep like a baby now, no more tossing and turning, and no more sweating like a pig. My only complaint is that i had to break the bank for it. after tax and delivery i paid over $2000 for a queen set. I suppose you do get what you pay for, even if it means paying 2 G's to get a good night's sleep, it's worth every penny. It's worth noting that having sex on this bed takes some getting used to. It's much easier to pace yourself and find your rhythm on a firmer, bouncier mattress. When each thrust is met with some solid resistance from the bed, it makes for an overall better experience for everyone. I must admit, on this bed I find that I have to exert myself a little more just to get into that steady rhythm, which took some getting used to. I guess it's for the better, because it it does make for a good workout. but when it's all said and done, every girl that i've been with has mentioned how much they loved my bed, and how they didn't want to get up to leave. whether or not that was a good thing, i'll leave that up to you.

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