Different and better than old innerspring

After many years our old innerspring pushed back hard on the pressure points; this firm memory foam cradles yet still supports. I like firm, but non-memory foam (latex?) can feel like a slab. Took just 2 nights to be convinced that we made the right choice. I think the increased firmness in this Firm model is achieved via the top quilt layer--not sure if there are any differences in the foam layers. You have to sit back from the edge when dressing, probably true on all memory foam mattresses. Their customer support answered all my questions before purchase. We fall asleep quicker now. We needed a new foundation and bought their split king foundation. I do think review sites should review all firmnesses. To sum up: extreme comfort.

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Back Support

User rated this bed:
Excellent Back Support

Pressure Relief

User rated this bed:
Don't know Not Rated

Sleep Quality

User rated this bed:
Much better Sleep
Previous mattress was:
Innerspring / Traditional

Stays "Cool"

User rated this bed:
Good "Coolness"


User rated this bed:
Excellent Value
Price paid (approximate):
$1,500 (King) Size

Warranty Service

User rated this bed:
Not Rated

Softness Level

User rated this bed:
Just right