The Martinique Is Awesome. King Split Adjustable Bed!

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Posted by James & Jocelyn G from San Jose, CA on February 14, 2012

Hello Everyone! We purchased our new bed about 1 month ago. The King Split Martinique Adjustable Bed. The first 3 days of using this new bed was kinda firm, but as time went by it has gotten softer and conforms to our body's now. It has helped me and my wife sleep deeply and we are so amazed at how we can sleep better! We had not been sleeping well at all for about 1 year until now.

This bed is so "Cool" to sleep in, my wife has been able to sleep much better. Because she has "HOT" flashes at nigh, she has been able to sleep 90 to 95% more, she is rested and feeling much better every morning as time goes by. Because she is sleeping cooler now!

We were also both having body pain at our hips and upper torso, waking up at night because of this. Now we can honestly say we have no body pain at all!

This bed is a dream for her & I! We have recommended this bed to our Family & Friends, they are coming over this weekend to try our new R.E.M. King Adjustable Bed, The Martinique! Our Realtor is coming over too!!

We purchased our bed at the Home Show in San Jose, Ca.. At A Great Price Too!!

  • Purchased in Jan 2012

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