We purchased three Christeli Mattresses and adjustable ba...

We purchased three Christeli Mattresses and adjustable bases and received them in November. The Madeline brand was perfect for my disabled mother, however, my husband and I ordered the Palais Grand Royale series and are very unhappy with how hard it is for us to sleep upon. It is entirely too hard for us to rest at all. It is like a slab of concrete and every pressure point is irritated. The worst sleep my husband and I have ever had is on these horrific mattresses. We phoned and asked what to do to make the bed more comfortable. They gave us some options on how to make the mattress softer and to give it time. We phoned many times complaining that the bed was far too hard for us to sleep on and we were waking up with extreme aches and pains along with pressure point issues. We kept being put off and told to try this and try that and above all give it time to adjust to the bed. I finally told them that they needed to step up with a solution for this issue. We were put off until the time frame for returns, exchanges, etc. ran out. Just today, I was told there was nothing they could do. That is a $5000+ dollar expense that most people cannot easily absorb. They are all smiles and help when you are buying the product but far from helpful when you need assistance with the product. In fact, I was told that this has never happened, especially with their Palais Grand Royale. I was very much blown off and dismissed. Very unprofessional of them. I cannot in good faith recommend anyone purchase any product from this company. In fact, I now have a useless product that I cannot use because it is too painful to sleep on this concrete slab they call a high end mattress. I have to purchase an entire new bed and throw the Christeli Palais Grand Royale two twin xl mattresses in the dumpster. What a true travesty.

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