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I have been looking online for mattresses and noticed almost every brand has a version with DRSG in the title. DRSG 3 eurotop or DRSG 8 etc. Etc. What does DRSG stand for? Is it a rating system of some type. no where, I mean no where can I find any reference to this acronym online other than medical term for dressing. Please help me I’m going crazy trying to figure it out!

asked Mar 14
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Mar 14

Hi there -- Thanks for your question. Rest assured that this is NOT a common term in the mattress industry, so you aren't crazy for struggling with this! While we had to do some digging ourselves, our best guess is that DRSG refers to Dufresne Retail Solutions Group, a retail buying group in Canada.

Assuming our theory is correct, this acronym has little to no meaning to you as a consumer. It is certainly not a rating system or a certification of any kind, nor would it be an indication of any specific attributes or quality level. Rather, its significance is more for the retailer than the consumer, like a SKU.

For context, buying groups allow retailers to pool their buying power in order to obtain more favorable terms from their vendors. This allows their member stores to access products and prices that would not be available to non-member stores. Along these same lines, it's not unusual for a buying group to ask a manufacturer to create a "unique" line of mattresses that can be exclusive to their members. This desire for exclusivity could explain why the DRSG acronym is being added to the names of these products. It's worth nothing that in most cases the distinctions that make these products unique run only skin deep -- ie, name and cover only -- but they do serve their purpose in making it harder for consumers to compare products across stores.

In the mattress industry, it's not uncommon for a buying group to have deals with many of the major mattress manufacturers. This would explain why we are seeing the DRSG moniker applied to models from a variety of different brands -- including Sealy, Beautyrest, Kingsdown, and perhaps others. In addition, the fact that Dufresne Retail Solutions Group serves only Canadian retailers would explain why we only see the DRSG acronym applied to products sold in Canada.

I hope that's helpful. Congrats on piquing our curiosity on this one! :)

answered Mar 14
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