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It is hard to get any questions answered. We are trying to find out if this is a good mattress for a heavier person with neck issues (torticollis). Can you tell me what is your best mattress for this? We are NOT a fan of memory foam, because of concerns of it not retaining flexibility and also a history of asthma.

Can you please let us know how much memory foam is in this unit? We were told at the store that the Serta Trump Asher Firm only has a minimal layer of memory foam, however some reviewers seem to have had a problem with this bed not holding its form. Also, they said the Firm Trump Asher had 80 pocket coils, but I can't find this info online either.

Please help us make a good decision for a mattress that will be comfortable for many years to come. Thanks.

asked Aug 06 '13
Anonymous098's gravatar image

I carry the entire Trump line but I've never heard of the Asher. The current Trump Series by Serta is the iSeries line.

The Trump iSeries or Perfect Day iSeries is probably the bet bed for extra weight, back support and the other needs you mentioned.

There are ten models with different comforts and Firmnesses. The latest technology is used with the duet coil system developed by Leggett and Platt for Serta.

It combines the best features of innerspring with the best features of memory foam all in an innerspring mattress tat carries a 25 Ltd Warranty and 120 day in home comfort warranty.

Go to and enter your zip code for a dealer near you. It will list if they carry iSeries or not.

answered Aug 07 '13
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Ken Mazda ♦
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Let me address the neck issues. Neck issues are generally more helped by the pillow you sleep on. Find a store that will fit the pillow to you in your area. Avoid some of the hype about the best pillow.

As far as the bed is concerned, consider the interior of the bed. If this is a total foam bed, it might work, but the foam will sag sooner if you are heavier. We like air technology for what your describing. With that technology, you can effect better posture and relieve pressure without a lot of foam, the foam only makes it softer.

Hope this helps!

answered Aug 07 '13
Tom Heller's gravatar image
Tom Heller ♦
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This bed gives the bare minimum of support for heavier folks (like me). After selling Serta mattresses for years and then owning one for a little while, I have concluded that it probably isn't best to put large folks on those beds. We tend to sell latex (or latex & memory foam blended) beds to heavier people. They give better support and last the longest under the extra weight.

answered Aug 09 '13
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James Mullins ♦
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This mattress is hard as rock!! I had one for four years and finally for rid of it. I am a side sleeper and developed hip pain within the first couple of weeks, waking and having to turn over every xouple of hours. I ended up putting a memory foam over it. That was my second Serta mattress...first one was a medium firmness and had sagged enough to be uncomfortable within the first couple of years. Will be staying away from that brand from now on.

answered Jun 23 '18
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Cathy from Petit-Rocher, NB
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I’m not certain what quality level of a mattress you bought, but please understand that the “brand” of mattress is not the problem. Serta is actually one of the best brands available today. I would strongly recommend one of the Hybrids from Serta. Good Luck.

(Jun 23 '18) Craig Haley ♦ Craig Haley's gravatar image

My last one was the trump asher...definitely a very very hard Mattress.

(Jun 23 '18) Cathy Cathy's gravatar image

I would never buy anything with the Trump name on it. It's gotta be fake like the liar and will not last.

answered Aug 28 '18
Isabella's gravatar image
Isabella from Phoenix, AZ
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This mattress will not hold heavy people. Memory foam does not keep its shape. Not only is the performance poor, the material is dangerous...comprised of 61 chemicals, many of which are toxic. And, you get to pay extra for it because the Trumpster's name is on it. In short, it's a sucker's bet. Don't let that be you!

answered Aug 07 '13
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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