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I have read several negative comments about this mattress and box spring set, the Trump Select-Elegant suite, and now I'm having second thoughts about buying it. Does anyone have experience with this mattress? Any comments would be appreciated.

asked Aug 14 '15
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Run a mile from this product. Take it back if you can before you have to dig yourself out of bed. Ours wore out into deep trenches in under 6 months and we are NOT heavy people.

(Jan 07 '17) Ceri Ceri's gravatar image
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The mattress is first a Serta, the Trump name is only a licensed name and has nothing to do with the performance of the mattress. If you like the mattress, Serta makes very good beds with or without the Trump name. But if it bothers you just look at other Serta beds and ask for one without Trump's name.

answered Aug 15 '15
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I had one. I'm 5ft10inch 185lbs and in two years it had a big depression in the middle. Garbage for sure.

answered May 02
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We bought this mattress, didn’t pay any attention to to what was stamped on it, just knew it was comfortable. Was telling someone how great it was, the most comfortable bed I ever slept on. I was asked what kind it was, said I didn’t know so we went and looked. Pulled the sheets up and saw the label was TRUMP!! I smiled and said “No wonder it’s so great!”

answered Sep 26
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