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Both the Serta Perfect Sleeper and the Sealy Bakersfield Plush are on sale for the same price for a queen size: $250. How can I tell which is the better quality mattress?

asked Oct 02 '14
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First you should compare Serta "Perfect Sleeper" to a Sealy "Posturepedic". Those are the flagship brands for those two companies. Second, if you're getting a queen size for $250 then neither one is very good quality. I'm assuming you're only buying the mattress (hopefully putting it on a platform and not an old boxspring) so you should spend at least $500 for a decent queen size mattress. It's worth it if you can afford it. If $250 is all you have then lay down on both and pick the one that feels the best to you. If they feel exactly the same then buy the Perfect Sleeper, since you'll e getting the flagship brand, even if it's the starting model.

answered Oct 09 '14
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I think you'll find the $250 price to be just for the mattress. You likely pay another $150 or so for the matching box spring and should expect to. With either brand you must realize that these mattresses are for promotional purposes only and are not designed to be comfortable. Both manufacturers use them to get you in the door with hopes that you'll choose a better mattress at a higher price. And you should. I would spend more now on a better mattress or save up for a mattress set in the $599 range or higher. There really is no such mattress in the $250 dollar range that is worth owning. Additionally, I have carried both brands (and others) and feel as though Serta is a better value than most other brands offered today.

answered Oct 09 '14
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