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We are looking at two Serta Perfect Sleeper mattresses -- the Bates and the Harrington. Which is the better mattress, and how do they compare?

asked Jan 14 '14
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They are basically the same, both are low end Serta beds. Be VERY careful when making bed decisions. The coil system found in these beds is VERY outdated technology. If you where to go to an actual bed store (with a truly knowledgeable staff), they would explain to you that this coil system (where all the springs are connected together with wire) is now only used in low-end kids beds. The reason for this is because when you push down on 1 spring you pull the others around it down with it. What this in turn does is give you gaps between support points. For example, I sleep on my side. As my hips push the springs down, they pull the springs under my side down with them. Now I have no springs holding my lower back in alignment. This will create a "U" shape in my back meaning my muscles will have to compensate to try to keep my back straight. If my muscles are working all night they aren't regenerating. I will wake up with back pain. These spring systems are also the shortest lived springs, usually only lasting people 2-5 years. For adults, I would look at Serta's iSeries or Simmons Beautyrest Series (NOT Beautysleep). These all feature Pocketed or individually wrapped coils which offer conformability to the body and in turn direct support and alignment across your body.

answered Jan 16 '14
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