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I am looking at the Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite Fresco Tight Top Cushion Firm. Does this mattress model need to be rotated periodically, or not?

asked May 22 '13
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When it comes to rotating your mattress, the frequency can be left to the owner as it depends on the type of sleeper they are. In general, we'd recommend quarterly for the first year and then as needed after that. Thanks!

answered May 24 '13
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Serta Care ♦
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Yes, all polyurethane foam mattresses (including memory foam mattresses, because they are made with polyurethane foam also), need rotated for even wear because of the nature and density of the foam. The handles on the side, if there are any, are for positioning the mattress. Do not use handles for lifting the mattress as they can tear a hole in your mattress if you try to rotate your mattress using them.

If you want a mattress that last longer and doesn't need flipping or rotating then I would consider 100% all natural latex rubber made with the Dunlop method in the future. It's the only type of mattress I know that doesn't break down or take a body impression if you don't rotate it. Avoid any polyurethane foam and polyester fibers, because even in small amounts can cause body impressions even if you rotate and flip on a regular basis.

Joyce (877)233-7384

answered May 23 '13
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Absolutely! Once a month is optimum.

answered May 25 '13
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