How many coils are in a Serta Perfect Sleeper queen size mattress? I am also interested in knowing what type of coils they are.

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Hi Stephen,

The answer above from Jeff Saunders right on for the queen size coil count. The continuous coils are part of an innerspring system which links the coils together. The pricing on these in the upper end Serta Perfect Sleepers are the same as their iSeries beds which have individually wrapped coils. The wrapped coils make the mattress less bouncy and keep you from disturbing the person sleeping next to you a little bit better. The wrapped coils have a much higher coil count in queen as well, over 900.

What kind of beds are you comparing or have liked so far?


answered Aug 30 '12

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Stephen, the Perfect Sleepers I carry have the 532 Continuous Support Innerspring, that is 532 coils in a queen.

Here is a link with a picture from serta http://www.serta.com/what-is-in-a-mattress-compare-mattresses-by-Serta.html


answered Aug 30 '12

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