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How does the Serta Perfect Sleeper Westell mattress differ from Serta Perfect Day iSeries Recognition Pillow Top?

asked Feb 12 '14
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The Perfect Day iSeries is an all around better quality bed, it has a beefier profile and it has more reinforced support, the PS (perfect sleeper) is probably either a 520 unit or an 814 unit with less coils than the iSeries (has 924 duet coil), the Warranty on the PS is going to be less. The iSeires is going to have more coils and more cool action gel foam than the PS. It will hold up much longer. Don't get me wrong the PS is a great bed but the difference is dramatic and you will notice right away if you were to sleep on both just one night. If you can find away to afford it, do so. You will love it, if you like soft, or are a side sleeper you will be glad you made that commitment.

answered Feb 13 '14
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