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I purchased a Dr Breus bed a couple of months ago. I would like to know all the materials and/or chemicals that are inside these beds. I wanted to see if there is anything that could cause respiratory issues.

asked Dec 06 '13
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Depending on which model you buy, there is anywhere from about 18% to 50% latex in those mattresses. Hardly natural. They were manufactured by IBC, who went out of business, then Comfort Solutions picked up the line. I have a friend who carried them, briefly, and they did nothing in his store. Expensive for a synthetic blended mattress. A lot of marketing, not a lot of quality. If you have respiratory issues, I would highly recommend a mattress made with natural and organic materials. Then you won't have to worry about the mystery of what is in the mattress.

answered Dec 06 '13
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Your retailer or the factory should answer questions regarding the mattress content. The most common complaints regarding sensitivity to a new mattress generally stem from what is in the foam and what is in the flame retardant. These are potential villains when you have a reaction to a new mattress.

answered Dec 06 '13
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I agree with Joe, he has described it perfectly. Unfortunately, companies probably won't tell you what chemicals are in their mattress, even if they know what makes up the "toxic soup" the list is so long they probably couldn't tell you anyway.

I would recommend a organic mattress made from mother nature. Beware of synthetics, rubber that lacks support, chemical flame retardants and polyurethane foam. Not sure, look at the law label for the words "polyurethane foam." that is one clue.

Check out my website (Mountain Air Organic Beds) to learn more about what is in your mattress and how your mattress can make you sick!

answered Dec 06 '13
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Dec 06 '13


The off gassing of the toxic chemicals used to make memory foam are responsible for respiratory problems. There is a white "law" label sewn into one of the seams on the back of your mattress. It will tell you, by percentage, the materials used in your mattress. One of them should say either memory or visco foam. This is what is causing your problem. The 61 chemicals used to make this foam, make it the most dangerous product ever used by the mattress industry...and should be avoided by the consumer.

answered Dec 07 '13
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