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I am looking at buying a Dr Breus Sleep Doctor bed. The price is OK, the mattress we layed on in the showroom was great. But some reviews online varied from great to horrible. Is this a good bed?

asked Sep 05 '13
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I believe you answered your own question. I personally would stay away from any mattress made from polyurethane foam for many reasons. Mainly health and longevity. I recommend saving up for a certified organic latex mattress made using the Dunlop method. (Best for support) I love mine I bought from Mountain Air Organic Beds.

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For a spring bed, it would be upper middle range. The top spring bed will set you back $175,000. There are other beds with other technologies that will be as comfortable or better, and out last this bed in service years. You know that springs were invented in the 1800s? The technology has been tweaked to its max. Even Serta is moving to foam with its iComfort line. Temperpedic has grown so much that it bought a rival spring company. Sleep Number has added stores to be now around 450. There are so many technologies that can improve sleep that some do not understand. It is important to shop effectively for your next bed. Try different technologies. Spend significant time on the ones you like the most. Make sure there's an in-home sleep trial. If you do all that, the Dr Breus bed may be the ultimate choice, then you can be confident in your decision. Please ignore brands though, springs are springs. There are only about 3 major makers of springs. All the spring companies, including Dr. Breus, buy from these people. If you are seeing good and bad reviews, that would be normal. Buy the bed that fits you right, just as you would with shoes or clothing.

answered Sep 05 '13
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Sep 05 '13

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