I am looking around for the Simmons Beauty Rest Glover Park Plush Pillowtop in King. I recently found one in Sears for a reasonable price but wanted to ask around other places for their own price on the mattress.

A manager of another store told me that this specific mattress is being discontinued at the end of the month. Is this mattress being discontinued, and if so why?

asked Mar 08 '13
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Linda P from Apple Valley, CA
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I own one- don't get it! I bought mine from RTG on Thanksgiving week of 2013. The mattress leaves body impressions- does not bounce back to its original form. I'm not a big person- 5'5 at 124 lbs. After six months of use, I have developed shoulder and upper back pains! However, my lower back pain has vanished- that's a plus.

answered Jun 26 '14
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Babette P from Winter Springs, FL
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Most mattresses from the major "S" brands (Simmons, Sealy, Serta) have "model years" just like cars do. This is a Classic level Beautyrest that will be replaced with a similar model for the coming year. It will return with a new name and will possibly incorporate some small changes with the new model. Purchasing a closeout like this is usually a great value, as the retailer has to quickly make room for the new model year replacements when they arrive.

answered Mar 08 '13
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Scott G from New Orleans, LA
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Hi Linda, The Glover Park Plush Pillow Top is exclusive to Sears. This particular mattress will only be feature at this retail store. You can find a product that is similar at another retailer but it will not find the exact composition of the Glover Park at Sears.

answered Mar 11 '13
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Simmons Beau... ♦
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We also want this specific mattress in full size. Two months ago we decided on it, but my husband wanted to hold off for a few months. We were ready to buy yesterday, July 2. However, at the store they had all new mattresses, and we were told this particular model is discontinued, although there are still some in the warehouse. The salesman tried to convince us that one of the new models was not only a bit cheaper but was also better. However the Glover Park is the one given high marks by a well-known consumer product testing and reporting company, and it is the one we want. So we're headed back to the store tomorrow to order it while we still can. It looks like the price isn't going to drop any lower. If it does go lower after we buy, I'll be talking "price match" with them

answered Jul 03 '13
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Sharon T from Cookeville, TN
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Thanks for the review. I bought mine in matters firm. I'm filling out a warranty type service because of sagging and deep body indentations. Hope to get a response in 4 weeks. Our back is sore

answered May 02 '16
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Lily B from Houston, TX
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It's years later, now, but I bought this one at Sears, and I regret it. In less than a year, it has a large dip in the middle! Adding a two inch topper didn't help much. Huge hassle when my boyfriend visits, we roll to the middle all night and the angle makes my back hurt. I am not that heavy, about 160 lbs. I think i paid close to $800 for this thing. It was too late to do anything about it after one year. My previous BeautyRest bought back in the mid 90's lasted a helluva lot longer than that!!!

answered Nov 15 '15
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Suzanne from Madison Heights, VA
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