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I recently slept on and loved the Dorinda Beautyrest mattress while visiting friends in AZ. I would like to purchase same in a King size.

I live near Rochester, NY. Where can I find this in my area?

asked Apr 04 '13
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Leslie C from Pittsford, NY
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Hi Leslie, The Dorinda is an older Simmons Beautyrest World Class model. While not exactly the same, the new Simmons World Class Recharge models will be very similar.

answered Apr 05 '13
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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You really don't want this mattress. I bought a Simmons Dorinda just three years ago and I just had it hauled away because it sagged so much. I'm 6' tall and weigh just 175 pounds and this mattress totally failed me. It was incredibly comfortable for the first two years, but then the steel springs began to compress in the middle of the bed much more than toward the edges. It also got lumpy. I turned the mattress around and around over the three years trying to even out the sagging (it's a no-flip bed so I couldn't flip it). I even went so far as to put a 3 inch visco-foam topper on it, but the mattress just kept sagging. When you're not laying on it, the sag is exactly at the 1 1/2" point where the warranty won't cover anything. (plus it's pro-rated even if it did). It turns out that the steel springs are not tempered and their gauge is just too light-weight. I can only imagine what would happen if a 300 pound person slept on this for a few months! I would strongly suggest a different manufacturer that tempers the springs or perhaps a solid latex mattress (I saw good write-ups). Personally, I replaced my awful Simmons with a Sealy that has tempered titanium springs. It cost just 1/2 as much as the Simmons (I bought it online from Sears as a free "rewards member"). I wish I had done better homework the first time around.

answered May 08 '13
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Bryan V from Washougal, WA
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May 08 '13

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