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I'm looking for a mattress and seemed to have discovered this goldmine site with so much information that the salespeople don't tell you - both in good and bad ways. I've been reading a lot of articles, but there are still details about specific mattresses that I'm still confused about (and recommendations are welcome! :)). Here are my details.....

I was originally looking at a Stearns & Foster mattress where a salesperson told me "they fixed that problem now" while another said "we don't carry that brand because the problem still exists." To directly compare, I believe the Taurus is in the same series as the Stearns & Foster Augusta mattress, which does not seem to have good feedback.

The runner up on my list is the Simmons Beautyrest World Class Elite Rosemont at Sleep Country Canada, shown here. It is not only comfortable for me, but the World Class mattresses seems to have been suggested by various experts on GoodBed as well. The salesperson has also praised this mattress because Westin hotels use this mattress! That's great, however the suggestions seem to refer to tight-top (???) and not pillow-top mattresses. My concern is that the Rosemont is a pillowtop and will be prone to body impressions as well, or will otherwise develop issues over the long term.

I'm inclined to find a Beautyrest World Class mattress with no pillowtop, but all the ones I've found seem to have a pillowtop. I love the feeling of this mattress but want this to be a lasting comfort, rather than for only 2 years. Are there any differences with this pillowtop over others? Or, should I still find a non-pillowtop + get a separate top layer?

BONUS question: Does anybody know if there is a difference between the World Class series, and World Class ELITE series of mattresses? This name game is, well...

Thanks in advance to everybody who reads, and also those able to assist me! :)

asked Nov 05 '13
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Brian . from Mississauga, ON
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Hello Brian,

Thank you for your question. I noticed that no one provided an answer so I wanted to follow up.

The Beautyrest Recharge and Beautyrest Recharge World Class models have been great for us. We have had just a handful issues so far with warranty concerns, so we're very happy with these brands. That being said we removed all the lower density filler foams and we don't have any monster pillowtops that have that false loft of lower density foams. This brand is also not one of the nationally offered Beautyrest brands. It is custom made / branded for that particular retailer and may have differeing design elements.

The Simmons Beautyrest World Class Elite Rosemont at Sleep Country Canada looks like it has a very, very thick pillow top. So, it will feel really nice, but it will probably develop a deep body impression over the first 6 to 18 months. You just can't have a 6-8 inch comfort layer without a good body impressions developing.

Saying it's like the Westin Hotel beds is a goofy thing salespeople do to build creditability for their product. W-Hotel beds are actually not all that special. They are a beefed up Beautyrest Classic mattress with foam-encasement. Westin Hotels also replace their mattresses regularly, whereas you are looking for something that will last a long time.

Recommendation: I would stick with a thinner pillowtop or plush top from the Beautyrest or the Beautyrest Recharge Lineup. You can always make a mattress softer if needed with a latex or memory foam topper, but I would try to find a thinner plush or pillowtop mattress that you still love.

Bonus Question: Beautyrest Recharge World Class Ellite is a custom design from Sleep Country Canada apparently based on the Beautyrest Recharge World Class lineup. My apologies, but since it's not a regular option I don't know much more about the brand. It could be almost exactly the same, but they wanted to differentiate their products. Beautyrest is usually pretty good at not being too misleading with the naming, so it is probably an equal or better design than the regular Recharge World Class models.

Please feel free to give our staff a call if you have any other questions at (888) 945-5949.

Best of luck with your search and thank you again for your question!

answered Nov 05 '13
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Kevin Williams ♦
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Thanks Kevin - I really appreciate your help! The stores here don't seem to sell mattress toppers, whether latex or memory foam. I got a few laughs with comments that they're not reasonable because they slip and slide, not well supported, not built for the mattress, etc... some of it sounds like plain ol' excuses, but I'm really not sure if there's truth in it?

(Nov 05 '13) Brian . Brian .'s gravatar image

You definitely want to try to find the best mattress option first and foremost without adding anything to it. A pillow top or soft plush that isn't too thick. These product's comfort layers will work best without too much in the way.

However, after trying the product for a good 30 days, if you still need a little bit more padding, then getting a topper or mattress pad is a good option. It can be also be replaced if it wears out.

You can always make a product softer later on, but you can't make a product more supportive and durable later on.

(Nov 06 '13) Kevin Williams ♦ Kevin Williams's gravatar image

Hi Brian, Pillowtops wear poorly, regardless of brand. Substitute a soft Talalay latex topper for surface comfort that lasts for many years. When buying a Beautyrest, it's imperative that you opt for any of their firm models, which use a heavier gauge wire for the coil. The plush models use a much thinner wire, which creates too great a depth of softness, and that thin wire loses its support within a year's time...a very poor value. A luxury firm model with a latex topper will last for many years...supplying all the support and comfort your body needs.

answered Nov 06 '13
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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