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Will this mattress support heavy large people.

asked Sep 11 '20
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Caroll from Bluff City, TN
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Hi Caroll -- Thanks for your question. This mattress isn't designed explicitly for heavier people so doesn't have all the characteristics of such a mattress, however I do think the T3 coils used in the Beautyrest Black line have strong enough support for heavier people.

That said, I'd recommend looking at one of firmer models in your case rather than the Plush. Mattresses in the Beautyrest line that use the word Plush in their name use a slightly softer version of the T3 coil for some of the coil rows, in addition to softer foams on top. These softer coils won't provide as much support as the firmer T3 coils, so I don't think they're as good a fit for heavier people. Beyond that, if the possibility of body impressions is a concern for you, I'd look at models that have less cushioning on top, as this provides less opportunity for foams to lose their height over time, which can be an issue for heavier folks. At the support level though, I wouldn't anticipate any issues with loss of height or support from the firmer T3 coils.

I hope that's helpful.

answered Sep 11 '20
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