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I am considering buying the Beautyrest Black Label Kameryn Plush or the Kameryn Firm. The difference seems to be in the strength of the coil. The top of both mattresses are the same. They are considered tight tops, not pillow tops. In the store, the plush feels more comfortable than the firm, but I am concerned the plush will not give me the support I would like over time. I am also concerned about sagging issues that I keep reading about with Beautyrest. The cost for this mattress and box spring in the king size is over $ 2500. I am willing to pay a premium price, but I would like a premium bed and a good night's rest now and over the next 8 years. They give a warranty of 25 years, but I usually replace my bed every 8 to 10 years.

I am a side sleeper, but move to my back at times, and back to my side. My husband is totally a side sleeper.

asked Nov 06 '13
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A plush model Beautyrest, even in the Black Series, is the main source of their body impression complaints.

answered Nov 06 '13
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Thanks for your question. Before you make your decision, you should be sure to see what GoodBed users have had to say about this in their Beautyrest Black reviews.

answered Nov 06 '13
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Dear Anonymous 493, BeautyRest Black is an outstanding product, one that we have had a great deal of success with at Get-A-Mattress. We have sold several hundred Black series mattresses since they started building them with "Transflected Foams" (Foams that are precompressed). Add to that the fact that they are using the new "Advanced Pocketed Cable Coil" (That is a coil made of multiple wires twisted together to make a more responsive coil). With the combined new foam and coil technology we have had almost 0 body impression issues. Simmon's BeautyRest has set the bar high with their Black Series mattresses. I also find BeautyRest to be very generous with their warranty claims so should you have an issue you can rest assured that a claim will be handled fairly and quickly. Just make sure to pick a reputable local dealer to make your purchase. Pleasant Dreams!

answered Nov 11 '13
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We have had a lot of Simmons Beautyrest Black customers over the years. Yes there have been some that did not hold well, but a vast majority of our customers have not had an issue. The line has changed about every 2 years making it hard to track down the long term reviews. One thing I can say is the current line is the least prone to error on the manufacturing side. Early models were having side blow outs because the coils were too thick for the encasement, that was fixed.

Overall, if you like the Kelyn Plush model the best, that's a great one to get. I do recommend trying Tempur-Pedics if you are shopping that price point because we are still counting on one hand the # of times we've had a Tempur Pedic warranty issue in 7 years. Their ISO rating is no joke.

answered Dec 02 '13
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That mattress will wear out LOOOONG before the warranty wears out. Consumers have been duped into thinking the warranty means how long the mattress will last. That is how long the warranty will last. The mattress includes cheap foam layers and will need to be replaced in 5-7 years. You can reference some of the reviews on this site. And the price of the mattress has nothing to do with quality. Most times, it just means it has fancier fabrics and a fancier name, but the same guts as other mattresses.

answered Nov 10 '13
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Joe Alexander ♦
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To add a little to what the others have said, at $2500 you have a wide selection of choices. There are 4 different technologies out there. Springs are the oldest. Air, Foam, and Water are newer, and improvements to steel beds. And since these other technologies are designed to last longer, the ingredients, like foam can be better, depending on the manufacturer. I agree the steel will wear out in 5 to 7 years, and that is the support structure. Often warranties require a certain amount of sag to be covered, generally that is less than the foam layer on top. That means the possibility of warranty repair is very, very low.

Hope this helps...

Sleep Well!

answered Nov 27 '13
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