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I am looking at the Beautyrest Black Georgianna Ultra Plush Pillowtop and want to make sure this is a cool sleeping bed. I've had bad experiences with other foam top beds that were way too hot. Was told this one is a cool sleeper.

asked Feb 22 '14
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Hello -- This bed does contain two technologies that should make it feel cooler, at least at first if not throughout the night. The first is gel beads in the memory foam, and the second is a "phase change" temperature regulation material that is also included in the memory foam.

That said, it also includes several features that will make it sleep warmer. The first is its extra plush pillowtop, which is best for people that prefer to sleep "in" the mattress a bit, meaning that less of your body's surface area is exposed to the air. The second is memory foam, which in spite of the aforementioned cooling additives, is still not the best material for people that are first and foremost concerned about sleeping cool.

Net, it would be helpful to consider what you are comparing this against -- ie, what model(s) you tried previously that proved to be too warm for you. There are many mattresses that would tend to sleep warmer than this one, so it's quite possible that this one could feel cool to you by comparison. However, if you are extremely sensitive to heat, then there are certainly other choices that would be better for you.

answered Feb 24 '14
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The Admin hit the nail on the head. Pillow tops are really thick and promote good blood circulation. This causes them to sleep warmer than a mattress less thick. If you are a really hot sleeper or have had issues on mattresses in the past sleeping too warm, you can get the Plush version of the Georgianna. It's called the Beautyrest Black Ella Plush and is quite a bit less thick.

answered Feb 25 '14
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