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We have a Beautyrest Classic Rock Island Pillowtop mattress. We like it but have noticed a strange pungent odor emitting from it. Has anybody else had that experience with this mattress?

asked Oct 04 '13
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What your smelling is the normal "New mattress smell" this usually dissipates after a few weeks. People with "super sniffers" or just a really good sense of smell can sometimes smell this for the mattresses first few months. Try just putting a fan next to your mattress and open a window airing it out. If its still there after a month or so and its still really bothering you contact the store.

answered Jan 16 '14
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Robert McClure ♦
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What you may be smelling is the vapors of the chemicals leaching out of your mattress. You can find a list of other people who have experienced this with their urethane mattresses here

answered Oct 04 '13
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edited Oct 04 '13

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Joyce is right. When polyurethane foam isn't cured properly when it's made, the chemicals can get trapped in the cells of the foam. When you use the mattress, more cells break open and the chemical gasses are released. Under these circumstances, it could take a very long time for the smell to go away.

Call your retailer and have it exchanged. Have them order one from the factory, as opposed to taking one from stock. Improperly cured poly foam affects an entire roll of foam, which is extremely large. Many mattresses will be affected by one roll. Anything from stock is more than likely from the same batch.

answered Oct 04 '13
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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I have had this mattress for several years and can't even sleep on it. Buying a new one. Biggest waste of money and its gross.

answered Mar 07 '17
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The so called smell could be due the "new mattress smell" normally disappear after a few weeks usage. There is nothing unusual in it. It is recommended to keep open your window and run the fan for some time. If the mattress is allowed to have more fresh air then you can get rid off the sickening smell.

Merin Jose

answered Mar 03 '15
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edited Mar 03 '15

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I bought a SERTA mattress and boxspring 10 days ago...l got violently ill from the HIGH NON ENDING CHEMICAL SMELL.....Serta Headquarters is a void...l just filed a complaint with the CONSUMER PROTECTIONAGENCY

answered Apr 10 '17
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Lucille H
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I just purchased the black ice and I'm having that smell it's only a week old should I return it $3500

answered Jul 01 '17
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I bought a used Beauty rest mattress from my neighbor
In the mornings my pajamas smell weird, like the mattress does. I am sleeping on the couch now.

answered Apr 21
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If odors are a concern then I would stay clear of anything with Poly-foam in it. If you think about the logic of having to put a fan in for a month it's just not logical. A simple google search will see many others have the same issue you have.

answered Jan 16 '14
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Joey Ashley ♦
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I just got a comfy BeautyRest pillow top mattress. Had one before that we loved. It had to go...after 12 years. Got too soft. BUT WAS COMFY!
The smell of the NEW mattress is a bit like new chemical smell, and the worst thing is the bunkie board smell. I have to say, I may ditch the bunkie board and just have the mattress on the slats. I love BeautyRest. They are very comfy and last well. Any thoughts on the bunkie board? Is it needed? Should we return it? I can't stand it a single night I don't think. Thoughts?

answered May 11 '17
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