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Mattress for waterbed frame leaks down overnight or within a few hours. Is there a replacement tube assembly available? It's a king size.

asked Mar 09 '13
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Dewayne C from Salt Lake City, UT
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Hi Dewayne - We might have some experts that can help with this question, but I think they're going to need a few more details first: 1) is your bed an air bed or waterbed? 2) what is the make / model of your bed?

(Mar 09 '13) GoodBed Help ♦♦ GoodBed Help's gravatar image

Simple answer is yes. If you bought this mattress new, there would also be warranty. If you bought it used normally warranty would not apply. If it is an air chambered bed, there are many opportunities to get replacement parts, however be aware it may not be an air chamber, it may be a hose, or the control unit as well. Calling the manufacturer would provide you with potential warranty information, and proper diagnostic techniques. Depending on warranty status, keep in mind you have some choices. First is OEM parts from the original manufacturer. Second is non OEM parts from another manufacturer. A search on line of "air bed parts" should bring up possibilities. If it is a water bed, then it probably would be the tube, even there we can find options. Water beds are a bit out of vogue, so it may take more digging to find it. You could probably even convert the water bed to air, but that would be a bit pricey.

Hope that helps...

Sleep Well!

answered Mar 13 '13
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Tom Heller ♦
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