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My wife and I have an 10 yr. Sealy Spring Queen Mattress, which one of the springs has popped out of the top on the edge of the bed. It was on my wife's side, and then suddenly it's now on my side!

Needless to say, it's time for a new one. Not to mention I have PLMD (Periodic Limb Movement Disorder), which is where my legs will rock while I'm asleep and usually when I'm dreaming. My wife is constantly complaining that she's often woken by the feeling of her head rocking back and forth because my legs are moving. I'm also on CPAP, but it doesn't seem to help that much in that regard.

I've done a LOT of research on Air Beds and I've narrowed it down to two brands: Innomax Medallion and the Habitat Ascend. Though I'm heavily leaning towards Innomax.

My budget is around $2,400. We're upgrading to a King bed this time.

I can get the Medallion for about $2,300 delivered. The Ascend is about $1,000 more. Is it worth it?

Though the Medallion only has 3 inches of combined foam (1 inch Talalay Latex and 2 inches Memory Cell). Whereas the Ascend has 4 inches of combined foam (2 inches Latex and 2 inches of Memory). The only other major difference I can tell between the two is in their pumps. The Ascend is a pump, whereas the Medallion Adjust-A-Rest is pneumatic. Which is better/quieter? And finally, the remote for the Ascend is much more attractive than the remote for the Adjust-A-Rest.

If anyone has another air bed system that I've not mentioned, please let me know. I've looked into the Denver Mattress Co, but am concerned about some of the reviews I've seen on their beds. I also went and laid on the beds at our local Sleep Number store, but the I10 is a bit too pricey for me.

My wife really liked the M7 Sleep Number bed because there was little to no transfer of motion when I moved around. How good will the Medallion or Ascend beds be at not transferring motion?

Thanks in advance for any responses!!!


asked Feb 07 '13
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Kelly B from Roy, UT
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I have little information on Habitat. But let me give you a high level overview of the airbed segment. The "big gorrilla" in the segment is Sleep Number. Sleep Number makes a very good bed, but is not always the best value. Next on the food chain is Comfortaire. Comfortaire has similiar to higher quality than Sleep Number. But their beds are consistently less than Sleep Number. Comfortfaire has several 3" comfort material beds. The ic500 King Mattress should be in your price range, as well as the oc500 King, and the oc600 is slightly more than your budget. The thing about Comfortaire is the more or less launched the entire segment in 1981. That means they have more experience building these beds, and more importantly the better patents. Another of their beds, again is slightly above your range is the ic800. Next in line in the segment would probably be Innomax. They make a great bed as well, but they do sell specifically on price, which means they buy less expensive materials, which can be indicative on quality. Other members of the segment are relatively small in comparison to these 3. The top 3 would protect your warranty better, as a warranty is only as good as the financial well being of the company behind it.

My company sells Comfortaire. We could as well have been an Innomax dealer. We chose Comfortaire based on customer service. They have an excellent BBB rating, and other independent sites rate their customer service as among the best in ALL mattress companies.

As far as the amount of comfort materials, that depends on the individual and how you sleep. Side Sleepers generally prefer more foam, Back and Stomach Sleepers less. Our number 1 and number two seller have right at 3 inches of foam.

Control systems are going to bring noise in your bed room. That being said, once you lock in your comfort number you will use it very little. The noisier ones are fan driven, the quieter ones are piston driven.

You are welcome to call me at the store at (314)205-1166. I will be happy to answer any additional questions you might have. We are in the business, however, we believe customer service is the key. If you need answers call, we will not treat you as a potential sale, but rather someone who is genuinely interest in the technology. We will offer you a fair price, but will not beat you up to "buy now".

answered Feb 07 '13
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Norma H from Hillsboro, MO
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You raise great questions! One of the toughest things to do in today's market is to try to decipher all of the information on the different mattress choices in the marketplace. So far I think you have done very well navigating the market and the choices available to you in your given situation. First I have been a sleep consultant with Innomax for over 10 years (non-commissioned I might add) One thing we pride ourselves on is our length of time succeeding in the industry with our products. We started in 1975! The Medallion is our flag ship air bed and it has been in our lineup the longest It's quite honestly one of my favorites! While comparing the Ascend and the Medallion I think you will find they are more similar than different including the pump controls and truthfully, you probably can't go wrong either way for the most part. However there are key differences between the two - as you stated, there is a little more latex in the Ascend than the Medallion and comfort materials are important. At Innomax we realize they are not the only important component. Just as important as are the support foams that we incorporate into every one of our sleep system designs, so are the relationships between those materials and how they interact with the support chambers. Sometimes a little less is actually more. The Medallion features a posture grid in the top consisting of a layer of foam that is incorporated into the bed that has varying densities of foam. This provides for greater support for the small of the back and behind the knees yet is softer under the hips and the shoulder areas allowing for your body to be supported perfectly no matter how soft or firm you set the system! We create a positive spinal alignment to eliminate the aches and pains common to beds that don't address spinal alignment. The Medallion pillow top is also unique in that it allows for a dual comfort feature, which provides for a seasonal change should you desire a warmer or cooler sleep environment. Another key difference of an Innomax bed is the Vapor Barrier feature found in every one of our sleep systems. The barrier prevents your body oils and moisture from penetrating through the pillow top and onto the air chambers. This also makes for an easy to clean sleeping environment. In addition to what I believe to be a superior product with many more robust features than our competition, we have been a Better Business Bureau member since 1975 and are proud of our A+ rating. We are also proud to say made in America when it comes to our bedding products allowing you peace of mind and consistency in materials As for the other comment about Comfortaire, I should point out they were just purchased by Sleep Number a few weeks ago. Many inside the industry are curious about this acquisition and what it means for the future of the smaller brand. Finally, beyond excellent features and designs, you will always find that Innomax will be here to support your mattress choice over the long term. Whether you buy directly from us or whether you buy from one of our many outstanding dealers, you can always rest assured you will have product support just a phone call away. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or any one of our sleep consultants @ 1-800-466-6629 When you are ready to do it right!

answered Feb 07 '13
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Tommy Stricherz ♦
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You have received some great advice above, but let me give you a couple more thoughts. 1. Since you are moving up to a King mattress, consider getting a Split King. It is the exact same size as 2 twin extra long mattress sets. I often use this solution with 2 Latex mattresses and my customers have been thrilled with the relief both partners shared.See size chart:
It will require you to purchase Twin XL bottom sheets and King top sheet set. These prepackaged sets are readily available at most better mattress stores that sell mattresses with adjustable bases, which is about all mattress stores now! 2. If your heart is set on an air mattress and you can wait a bit, I have tried the new Tempur-Pedic air mattresses. They are exceptionally nice and will be available at your local Tempur-Pedic dealer this April. In conclusion my preferred solution would be to find the mattress of your dreams and order it in a Split King. Remember the partner with restless legs can feel a great deal of guilt and frustration too. Solving this issue has saved more than a few hard feelings, it can make nighttime in bed something once again to look forward too.

answered Feb 07 '13
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Jimi Breazeale ♦
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I've now decided to go with the Medallion Air Bed by Innomax. I've decided this for a number of reasons.

First, This bed is the most versatile bed around. It is an air bed, and by its nature you can adjust the amount of support you need on any given day. Also, with the I-beam construction of the 6 inch air chambers, you get uniform support all across the bed.

Second, This bed is customizeable. With the Dual Zippered Top, you can unzip the pillow top and have it dry-cleaned and refreshed as needed or even replaced over time, and the internal elements (1 inch of Talalay Latex and 2 inches of Memory Cell foam) can be flipped or even removed and later on I could add in 3 inches of all Talalay Latex if I so desired. Doing so makes this a bed that I can reconfigure any way I want in the future.

Third, Price. I can get this bed set, including foundation and Adjust-A-Rest pump (The equivalent to the i10 at Sleep Number for $5,600) for less than $2,300!!!

Fourth, Retailers & Reviews. I've seen this bed sold by four different retailers. Innomax (Medallion), Select Air (i1000), Sam's Club (Dual Digital Sleep 9), and Air Beds Unlimited (Series 9 Diamond Air Bed). There may be even more than that, but that's what I've found so far in my research. The last three beds are all Medallion beds, just rebranded. And from the reviews I've read from each of these sites, at least 95% of them are rated 5 stars. With that many retailers selling the same bed and that many great reviews, the bed speaks for itself.

Now as for who I will be buying this bed from... There are a few options.

1 - Innomax - I've spoken with them and they say they will price match, however, they refuse to ship anything for free. So even at the lowest price that I've found (, they are still over $200 more just in shipping charges. I can buy a new end-table for that much!!!

2 - - Has been doing business for 11 years and are an approved retailer of Innomax. They do not have a storefront, so they don't jack up their prices like the other retailers do. They are based in Seattle, WA. They offer a 30-day return policy and the same Warranty as Innomax offers (5 yr Full on Mattress, 3 yr Full on pump and chamber). Also they provide free shipping. They will price match any other retailer. This is who I'm purchasing my Medallion bed from. Contact Jim, who is the owner and he'll help you out with any questions you might have. Very friendly and willing to talk anytime.

3 - Select Air - They show on their website that their i1000 bed comes with 2 inches of Talalay Latex and 2 inches of Memory Cell. However, this is incorrect. Their bed is the Medallion, which as I stated above has only 1 inch of Talalay Latex, not 2. I'm not sure why I, the average Joe consumer, is the one that found this misinformation on their own website, but it is incorrect and misleading. I told their VP this on the phone a few days ago, which he agreed is wrong, but nothing has changed on their site. False Advertising??? Not sure, but who knows how long this misinformation has been on their site before I pointed it out to them, and who knows how long it will stay there. All I know is, if you do buy from them, and you see only 1 inch of Talalay Latex, under federal law, a retailer has to abide by their advertising, so a consumer would be well within their legal rights to request that additional 1 inch of Talalay Latex as advertised on their website, just take a screenprint first showing the 2 inch claim.

4 - Sam's Club. They also have a great price on their Dual Digital 9 Sleep bed for both the bed and foundation (Foundation is only $198, and mattress is $1,988). However, that does not come with the Adjust-A-Rest pump and I'd have to pay sales tax on it, since they are located in my state. They do ship for free though.

5 - - John seems like a nice guy and very passionate about the Medallion bed by Innomax (as can be viewed on his YouTube videos). He has a storefront in Florida. The price for the Medallion includes the Adjust-A-Rest pump automatically. He doesn't even offer the other pumps that Innomax sells. I like this principle. He offers free shipping as well. He also has very low pricing on the Medallion ($2,274 for Mattress, pump, and foundation).

I hope my research and this information helps anyone else who is looking into getting a Sleep Number bed or any airbed. For the price, you can't beat the functionality or flexibility of this bed!

answered Feb 10 '13
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Kelly B from Roy, UT
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I thought I would pass on my experience, as this thread has not been added to since 02/2013. We purchased our Medallion from Air Beds Unlimited. There Medallion is NOT the Series 9 Diamond but is their Series 8 Emerald. The reason we bought from Air Beds Unlimited was their knowledge of their products, their reviews and A+ BBB Rating and their price. We ended up calling them multiple times with questions and felt no pressure to buy. We bought our Series 8 Emerald/Medallion about 7 months ago and have been very pleased with our purchase. We can't recommend Air Beds Unlimited, highly enough.

answered Jan 12 '17
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Robert from Aurora, CO
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Jan 12 '17

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