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I'm looking into buying a Springwall mattress, perhaps in the Springwall Chiropractic line. I don't know much about the product. Is it a good mattress? Could you compare it to a Sealy mattress?

asked Jul 13 '13
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The Chiropractic line is a spring mattress with comfort materials over the top. This would be similar to the Serta spring line. It would depend on which model you were looking at. Their web site says they have a minimum of 640 coils, which if memory serves is slightly above average coil count. Here is a link to explain coils. They use memory foam and latex foams on top. I would expect it to last 8 to 10 years.

There is something about mattress buying, that a lot of people over look. Have you laid on this bed? If not, do so, and stay on it in your preferred sleep position for no less than 15 minutes. If you have, and stayed for 15 or more minutes, how did it feel? Was the support what you expected? Did you feel any pressure? Did it start to feel warm? All of these would be indicative of what you can expect at home, only magnified as you spend 8 hours on it.

I would also wonder why you chose the "Chiropractic Line" is it because of an "issue"? If so, then take your time finding a bed, know before you buy if it will help you.

Personally, I don't prefer spring beds. Our store sells Air Technology by Comfortaire, and foam technology by sleepharmony. Both of these lines should last longer than the bed you are considering. Comfortaire as an example has a limited, but good, warranty of 20 years. And not only that, with air tech you can change the support anytime you need to, our bodies change over time. sleepharmony offers 10 and 20 year limited warranties, depends on the line you choose. The foams they use are designed to last and offer a cooler sleep surface, especially in their gel lines. We have tried to bring the very best beds to market, but avoided major brands like Sleep Number or Tempurpedic because of cost mostly. It is all about value which is price, quality and comfort.

I hope that helps!

Sleep Well!

answered Jul 16 '13
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Tom Heller ♦
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Just did some research on how much a matress may dip. Was told by Sleep Country Canada that 1.5 inches is industry standard to start the warranty process.

answered Jul 20 '16
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My mother is a Senior and paid a lot of money for a Bobby Bear Double bed box frame and mattress made by Springwall. After only 8 months she had an uncomfortable dip in the center and it feels like perhaps a coil or something is missing there. Having sent pictures of the dip to the store and manufacturer, they replied that she didn't have the correct frame and they couldn't help her. Not once in the whole purchase process did anyone mention that she needed a special frame. One would think if the box spring had any quality at all, it would support the mattress. Isn't that why we pay so much for the box spring to go with the mattress. The dip was almost 2 inches deep and I feel this company will use any excuse not to stand by their product! I do not recommend Springwall products and especially not Bobby Bear mattresses. Remember this is only 8 months of use before it was uncomfortable and it was far from cheap!

answered Dec 06 '16
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I've got a Springwall Odin mattress on top of a generic box spring. I have chronic back pain and was hoping this new mattress would help. OMG, my back is worse than ever after sleeping on it for two months! It has collapsed in the middle and you can literally almost fold in it half lengthwise! No wonder it goes on sale so often at the Brick. Only consolation is that they will take that piece of crap mattress back and apply a $220 credit. Stay away from all things Springwall!!

answered Dec 07 '16
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James P from New Glasgow, NS
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I have had my Springwall Chiropractic for 14 years. A coil is starting to poke the side of the mattress. I love this bed and want another, but cannot locate a dealer near me.

answered Nov 29 '17
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We are not impressed with the Kendra spring wall mattress purchase or the commitment of this company to provide a comfortable well built product. We purchased our mattress in 2012 and after a year noticed a dip on either side where we lay. After about 2 years the dips increased. It is now about 1.5-2 inches deep. We are both healthy weight adults. We turn our mattress regularly but still cannot fix the issues. We recently flipped it on its back and are now sleeping on a new memory foam mattress on top of the bottom of the mattress. Not a great solution but the mattress is very uncomfortable. We recently learned that Springwall has a warranty for the mattress so we contacted them to inquire about what to do. Following a submission of photos of the indents and measurement after flipping the mattress right side up, we were provided with the following information: "Image 2597 shows an impression on your mattress of approx 1.5 inches and unfortunately this still falls under normal wear and tear and is not considered defective . In order for it to be deemed defective the impression has to be greater than 2 inches. If in future the impression becomes greater than 2 inches please resubmit." We now must purchase a new mattress or sleep on a very uncomfortable Springwall. This is very unfortunate. Please do your research prior to purchasing from Springwall.

answered May 30 '16
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purchased a springwall just before xmas. took 4, yes 4 different deliveries to get us the mattress, box and frame that we ordered. in case u think this is a one off, my son, daughter and brother each bought at the same time and not one order was delivered as ordered. My son is waiting for his 5th delivery today. The Mississauga store is a disaster, avoid it. I left a message in new brunswick (head office) with Greg ( I believe is an owner). Over a week ago and not even a courtesy return phone call. I am so disappointed. We try to buy Canadian, but these folks should be embarrassed. Check their website to see what they claim regarding custormer service. Just a horrible experience.

answered Jan 21 '19
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I've been sleeping on spring wall chiropractic mattress and base box spring since 1992. It's 2020. It's in New condition. I've jumped on it at times. oops. One spring poked out on edge. Duct taped it 2 years ago. I turn it every 3 or 4 years. I weigh 150 pounds.

answered Feb 16 '20
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I purchased a springwall lotus in May of 2015 from the Brick. Within 6 months it was bubbling separating. The Brick didn't want to take it back and only after getting consumer affairs on their case the finally did. They upsold me to a springwall cosmo. Another piece of sh*t! i would never buy from the Brick again and not sure I would buy a springwall again either

answered Feb 28 '20
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