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I have an air bed with dual controls and 2 air chambers. There's a leak at site of hose and somewhere in each panel, maybe at seams (?). Do you repair these and at what cost?

asked Jun 30 '13
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I am not familiar with Springwall but none of the air bed manufacturers we have ever dealt with repair the chambers. Strictly replacement. Most are made by an outside manufacturer anyway. This is in your favor though if you're out of warranty they interchange nicely for the most part.

answered Jul 01 '13
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Ernest Shaver ♦
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Ernest is right. Most air chambered beds have replaceable parts, but because of the gauge of the air chambers, it would make repair difficult at best. It would also depend on the age of the bed, the Major Manufacturers like Sleep Number and Comfortaire have limited 20 year warranties, so a call to them may be the best bet to get it fixed from a price stand point. We do sell replacement parts through our store and you can get more information from our web site, or use the number there and give us a call, we may be able to help you figure out your problem, and help find the least expensive way of fixing it.

answered Jul 01 '13
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