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Is the Sealy Belbrook line (firm) at Costco any good? I'm looking for a not too expensive, comfortable full mattress for a guest room. It will have to accommodate some heavier folks for short periods of time. Is this Belbrook line going to meet my requirements?

asked May 24 '13
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I just got one a few weeks ago and am very happy with it. I am about 200 lbs. - seems sturdy.

answered Jul 04 '13
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The best thing about purchasing a mattress at Sams or Costco is their return policy!!! No, you can't lie on it in the store, bu actually sleep on it for several weeks or Months, and if it is just not right you can return it, or if it begins to break down, no-hassle return!

If superior mattress stores would offer a REAL in-home trial, no questions asked, no re-stocking fee and dozens of other things to further complicate your life, that would be great, but because they don't, then go where you can trust their Return Policy ~ Costco!

Also, I am sleeping on the bed mentioned tonight...It is a bit too firm for me, but I put a 3" Novaform Gel Topper on it and it's making a great guest room bed!! Sent from my iPad

answered Oct 13 '15
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Tom heller except costco arent minimum wage workers, they probably make more than you and have better benefits

answered Sep 25 '18
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Total crap. These are made to wear out. The "foundation" is just a metal cheap box, the top has totally caved in. DO NOT BUY THIS MATTRESS. Spend good money at the big box chains but do not pay their prices: go into a mattress store, research (I got a pricey "black label" Sealy @ MF and I told them I'd pay them 1/3 of the price, they came back with a higher number and I went with it. Do not buy pillow tops, buy a firm mattress and add a softer top. As the mattress breaks in you can remove the pillow top. If you buy a pillow top it will eventually sag.

answered Feb 05 '19
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I had this as a guest bed. Everyone that slept on it complained about the mattress.

answered Feb 11 '19
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While I love Costco, and Sam's Club for that matter, I would never recommend buying a mattress from them. This is not just because my store competes with them, but more in their process.

A consumer group recommends that you lay on a potential mattress for at least 15 minutes before you buy it. Not generally possible in a club setting. This is probably the biggest mistake customers make even in mattress stores. How can you judge a mattress properly if you do not have enough time to experience it.

Second, I worked for a company that sold to Sam's, I'm sure Costco is pretty much the same. Product rotation would be based on how ambitious a minimum wage stocker feels. They negotiate price, companies want to be there, if they can't afford the price they can do one of two things: Lose money, or cheapen the product. You decide which is more likely.

Third, employees are not trained to help you discover the proper mattress, it's not their job.

Fourth, many who buy from clubs decide that it's so cheap they can tie it to the top of the family mini van, with the help of an employee of course, and drive it home. Two things can happen here as well. You tie it too loosely and it hits the pavement on the way, damaging the mattress, and eliminating the warranty. Or you tie it too tightly and bend the metal rod that runs the perimeter of the bed breaking the proper support, and eliminating the warranty by customer abuse.

If you must buy from them, at least get a professional delivery of the mattress to avoid those problems. And in a few years stop by a mattress store and get a better mattress.

Sleep Well!

answered Jul 19 '13
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