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Hello - My husband is 6'4" and about 250lbs. He is very hard on things. We both have back problems. Is the Sealy Amici Select Firm mattress a good choice for us?

asked Mar 24 '14
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Hello -- This mattress is part of Sealy's entry-level line, although it is not at the lowest end of the line. When you ask about overall quality, the beds in this line generally have lower overall quality than beds in the other Sealy lines. That said, these beds also cost less than beds in other Sealy lines, so they don't necessarily have less value.

In terms of whether it's a good match for you guys, that's a tough one for anyone to definitively answer except you. Generally speaking a firmer model is better if you sleep on your stomach (which is not recommended, especially if you have back problems), or even if you sleep on your back. If you sleep on your side, you might find a firm mattress will give you pressure points in your hips and shoulders, and might not conform to your body's curves enough to keep your spine in alignment in that position. Net, you'll each need to lay on it to determine whether your spine is in proper alignment while you're in your typical sleep position(s).

The thing that worries me most is your comment about how your husband is 250 lbs and "very hard on things." This gives me cause for concern about in this particular bed from a longevity standpoint. It's 12" thick, of which at least 4" seems to be padding materials on the top. Since this is an entry-level model, these layers will tend to be low-density polyurethane foam, or even poly fibers and such. Materials like this will tend to break down in much less time than the 10-year warranty suggests, especially if the person sleeping on them weighs 250 pounds. When these padding layers lose their resiliency, it will likely result in loss of comfort and/or support.

Have you looked at some of the heavy-duty lines like King Koil xTended Life or Paramount HD Super Duty? These lines tend to be very firm from a comfort standpoint (which you may like), and are specially designed to protect against body impressions. I believe the xTended Life also puts their money where their mouth is in terms of their warranty -- defining any body impression greater than 0.5" as a manufacturer defect (most lines would only cover impressions greater than 1.5"). The price point on these lines might be slightly higher than the Amici, but they are probably less expensive than moving up into higher-level Sealy lines (eg, Posturepedic). The key consideration would be finding one that meets your support and comfort criteria.

answered Apr 05 '14
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