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I am interested in purchasing the Sealy Tambour Select Plush Euro Pillowtop mattress, but would like to know about edge support and whether it has strong edges all around. I'd like as much sleeping space as possible, as well as support for sex and simply just sitting on the sides.

asked Mar 14 '14
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Hello -- The Tambour Select model does not have an edge support feature, as you can see on this image here. Within this same line, and staying with the Plush Euro Top feel, you'd need to step up to one of these models to get the foam encasement edge support (which Sealy calls Advant-Edge Plus):

Those are the model names from Sears, so they won't be available by these names anywhere else, but tons of other retailers carry equivalent models. Each of the links above has a "Request Deals" button, which you can use to get price quotes for equivalent models from other stores in your area.

answered Mar 14 '14
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