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One of the zones on our Denver Mattress Company Mountain Air mattress is leaking. Every night it loses all of the air in the top left zone and we have to refill it. The other five zones are fine and the pump works great. This mattress was given to us by a friend and we were not given the manual that came with it. Does anyone have any idea how we might repair a leaking valve? Does anyone have a manual or instructions for this mattress? There is nothing available on the Denver Mattress website. We love this bed and want to get it repaired. It's a keeper! Thanks for your help!

asked Dec 20 '11
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Shannon A from Arvada, CO
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Jan 21 '13

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Have you tried calling them and discussing the situation? It will most likely be out of warranty, but they should be able to be of some assistance if you contact them. Best of Luck.

answered Dec 20 '11
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Dec 20 '11


Please don't confuse Denver mattress with Mountain Air Organic Beds. We don't sell air beds but we do sell 100% organic latex mattresses with interchangeable layers of 100% all natural latex rubber so each partner can have their own sleep surface without having to blow anything up!

answered Feb 21 '12
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Feb 21 '12

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