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I have a Denver Mattress SelecTek Vail Pillow Top mattress. What is the best way to remove stains on the surface of the pillow top?

asked Nov 03 '14
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It is very difficult if your mattress doesn't have a zipper casing like Mountain Air Organic Beds does so you can easily clean your mattress and have the ultimate in customization. We just use club soda and blot it dry.

answered Nov 03 '14
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I have a really great answer to this one! If the stains are really bad, you can call a Stanley Steamer service. I highly recommend them. A couple years back, I found an odd looking device in a drawer at work. I pressed the button on it and turns out it was a pepper spray gun. It shot all over the desk and onto a mattress next to the desk. That was a really horrible afternoon at work. The Stanley Steamer service cleaned up the mattress and it looked brand new! Cost about $100 to have them clean it. I should mention the pepper spray stuff was a thick, dark red, and gooey so it was not easily cleaned.

answered Nov 03 '14
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