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I have a Zinus Adjust-a-Firm air bed (queen size). It is about 9 years old and just started a slow leak, which loses air over a night or two. Does Zinus still make this mattress? Or is there somewhere I can have it repaired in the area of Dayton, OH?

asked Oct 14 '13
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It is possible to repair, assuming the bed is all that you hoped. There are some generic products on the market that might work, as long as you know what is wrong with the bed. (Hint: It may not be the air chamber.) We could help you diagnose the problem and suggest solutions. We specialize in air chamber beds. You can click here and look at our support page, or give us a call at (314) 205-1166.

I am not that familiar with that brand, but the basics are pretty similar among the brands I am familiar with. The good thing about most air chambered beds is the zipper on the cover. At some point, just like a car, it makes sense to replace. But at 9 years, you're probably not there.

Hope that helps! Sleep Well!

answered Oct 14 '13
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Zinus makes lots of mattresses under different names for different companies, such as Keetsa and the mattresses at Ashleys. You would be likely better off trying to have the bladder repaired as I highly doubt they are making that mattress anymore.

answered Oct 14 '13
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