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I purchased a Sealy Juneau mattress and box spring about a week ago and it already has indentations where we sleep. Is this going to get worse or is it supposed to have indentations?

asked Mar 22 '14
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If it's only a week old, trying sleeping in different spots to break in the bed evenly. If you only sleep in 1 spot on the mattress, that one spot will show if the rest of the mattress is untouched. If you sleep in new spots every night and the issue persists, contact the retailer you purchased from to either enact a comfort exchange or begin the warranty process.

answered Mar 25 '14
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Yes, it will get worse. The fact it is already developing impressions quickly is indicative of issues down the road. Talk to the retailer you purchased from.

answered Mar 30 '14
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Hello -- The question of whether a mattress (this one, or any other) is "supposed" to get indentations is one that we hear a lot. I fear you may be asking this because you've heard from someone (eg, a salesperson, or even a manufacturer's website) that body impressions are "normal" or even "desirable".

While body impressions may indeed be normal (sadly), this doesn't mean that they're desirable. In theory, we agree that a small amount of body impressions could be desirable, in the way that the sole of your shoe adjusts to the shape of your foot and in that way provides better comfort and support. However, unlike with a shoe, your body is not always in the same position -- or even the same place -- on your mattress. So any forming the mattress does will be affected by the multiple positions and locations in which you're sleeping, meaning the impression will just be a big messy indentation rather than a precise impression of your body shape.

Net, we don't believe there is much (if anything) to be gained by a body impression in your mattress, and there is potentially quite a lot of support and comfort that can be lost. As such, we recommend that consumers seek a mattress that will maintain its original support and resiliency over the years.

answered Apr 01 '14
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