I recently purchased a Sealy Posturepedic Gel Series Kirkpatrick Firm Eurotop mattress and have been experiencing frequent headaches. Anyone else??

asked Dec 19 '13
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Rose G from Northridge, CA
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As a Sleep Specialist the first question I would ask is what kind of pillow are you using? Your pillow will actually make up around 30% of your quality of sleep. It is VERY common for people to use the wrong pillow and wake up with head aches. This is especially true if your pillow is too small and thin. The bed is designed to align your spine. You want to see a straight line from your tail bone to the top of the spine. We want our necks to be just every so slightly angled up. Usually the avg comfort zone of lift on the neck is 1-3 degrees. If your head is on a down angle even the slightest bit it will cause you to wake up with head aches because you're cutting off some of the oxygen to your brain. This is why it is so important to make sure you purchase new pillows with each bed. You want to make sure your pillow offers you the proper support in accordance to the individual mattress. This is something that is overlooked 90% by doctors and mattress salesmen.

answered Jan 16 '14
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Robert McClure ♦
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same things happened to me.. headaches makes me kill me.

answered Sep 16 '17
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I often feel headache, but don't know if I can connect it with the wrong choice of the mattress I sleep on. I have a gel memory foam mattress too. But how can it effect the aches?

answered Dec 10 '17
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daria t
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