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I just finished purchasing the Sealy Posturepedic Pearl Plush mattress. The sales guy had said it was one of their top of the line beds, come to find out it has been discontinued. I purchased it for $1,000. Was he bs-ing me??? Does anyone know why it was discontinued? Was it defective or something? This is raising a red flag for me... Thanks.

asked Apr 23 '13
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Vicky F from Bellflower, CA
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Apr 23 '13

Don't let it bother you. Mattresses are very regularly dropped, replaced, upgraded in the industry. Usually the "new" model is not very different the old one. Blame it on marketing or industry improvements or just the whims of a designer. We often lose a favorite mattress. Your warranty is still intact. Sealy has been around a long time. You're good.

answered Apr 24 '13
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Ernest Shaver ♦
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O.K. there are sleazeballs out there. The question seemed to me to be more about being worried over a model being discontinued. I stand by my first answer. IF this was a floor model then there are red flags. IF the salesman was BSing then that's a red flag. BUT we all know that models come and go.

(Apr 24 '13) Ernest Shaver ♦ Ernest Shaver's gravatar image

I agree, there are constant changes, otherwise how could they promote the newest? There is only so much floor space available, if they wish to introduce a new model, they have to discontinue an old one. That's similiar to Ford no longer selling Model Ts. The only real difference among spring beds is the color, the comfort materials and the name. Often you are better to get the discontinued model, most changes are to stay competitive, and maybe the quality of comfort materials decrease, or the thread count of the cover. The technology can change as well, but not year to year.

That being said, some mattress sales guys will use hyperbole to close the sale, but then so do a lot of sales people. The key to figuring out if he was "BSing" you would be if he showed a genuine interest in helping you sleep better. Did he listen to your needs and show you what he had to offer, or did he see you on that bed and see a potential quick sale of a discontinued model?

Rest easy!

answered Apr 24 '13
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Tom Heller ♦
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Hi Earnest, I'm afraid I can't be as reassuring as my colleagues. I find it disturbing that you didn't know up front that you were buying a discontinued model. If you bought a floor sample, you do not have a factory warranty, which is clearly stated in the warrany card. You can view that at Also, depending on where you bought it, it may not be a discontinued item that is new. Many clearance center type stores buy salvage bedding...merchandise that has been returned to the factory because of a defect. Many such beds have already been in someone's home and sent back, for one reason or another. No sir, "you're good" and "rest easy" may or may not apply to you. You'll want to check into this further before resting easy. good luck. Pete

answered Apr 24 '13
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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Thank you so much for the feedback! I really appreciate it :)

answered Apr 25 '13
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Vicky F from Bellflower, CA
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